In this diagram, it would be ‘lefting.’

When people challenge in seriousness or jest, often it’s because they’re scared the boat will sink with the person on the other end drowning.
A.K.A. teeter-totter, seesaw, point-counterpoint,
thesis-antithesis, cyclone-anticyclone (i.e. winding & unwinding air to alleviate ‘dizzying’ from centripetal force),
yin & yang, Tory-Labour, Rep-Dem, red-blue, conserv-lib,
protagonist-antagonist, West-East, acid-alkaline, etc.
It’s ‘chemistry’ where electrons spin out
& are attached or rejected by + & – charges.


I’d been thinking about Belgian waffles with berries & cream for years; and when I came, I had 2 on the second day, 1 for breakfast and 1 for ‘dinner.’ I couldn’t finish the second because of the chocolate drizzle.
Since then I’ve enjoyed the other things Belgium is famous for, moules & frites,

and 3 small handmade chocolates: I chose spicy ones and they were delicious, but I’ve walked by maybe ’50’ shops in Bruges & Brussels with chocolates or beers, and haven’t felt drawn.

Yesterday I walked back to my hotel near the Midi Station from Mini-Europe and the Atomium; it took 2 hours on cobbled streets. You really see a city if you walk several miles through it.

It was hot yesterday in Brussels:

I don’t always plan all the days of my trips, so I see how I feel and what looks interesting. I often walk all day looking at plants, and get tired. Museums also can stoke mental overload.
RyanAir and EasyJet have inexpensive flights, but it costs more if you have a bag and want a seat.

She informed them they got on at Brussels.

We had matching shoes, but mine are bigger.


Really, I’ve had salad every day.

The mass was in Flemish, and it sounded like the Norwegian Church in San Pedro. I just imitated what everyone else was doing and smiled in French.

I look like a sherpa.

TGV trains go here to Fwance & Bruxelles. Trés Grande Vitesse = very fast!; however, I did capture a shot of my lens & the opposite window.

'M' in wheat field, Ashford, Kent, MPR

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