I like Minnesota, I went to high school, college and grad school there (also UCLA);
and we are not wimps.

This is an igloo in the woods I built and slept in (for an anthro class, ‘Cultural Ecology of the Arctic’); my friend Bruce just came to admire it.

This took place before the world was in color.
Deciduous spring green in July after rains, Bethel, St. Paul-Arden Hills, MN 7-18-12, mprenfrew
This is the exact location in summer: it had changed to color by then.


As seasons change and we clean up Christmas things, it’s a reminder to imagine our homes in a violent shake-up; and how can we prepare to minimize injury and maximize freedom to help others?

Stockpile water and supplies to share. It can come back to you in friendship and love when you need it.

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Don’t trust Amarillo’s thermometer.

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