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I went to 2 conferences dealing with hazards & disasters, the National Weather Association and National Disaster Resilience Conference, put on by FLASH, Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. They have affected me in ways I can’t articulate because I already have had an expectation that an earthquake could shake my home at any time.

The floods in Houston, & hurricane damage in Florida & the Caribbean, remind me our possessions are very short-lived.

So do our fires, so live each day as if you could be taken up by God into heaven at any time.

I’ve been cruising snippets of romantic Christmas movies since they started after Halloween.

They mostly have the same plot,
but the one tonight had a lead character who was reading a book.

I think about Scottish John Muir.

Maybe he’s a relative.

before it falls downhill.

Red wavelengths are longest in the ROY G BIV visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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