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Everyone has emotional needs that are almost never (completely) met :-). We look to TV or laptops hoping to find something interesting or funny (especially if friends & family are asleep).
In early June, I discontinued cable TV (‘cut the cord’); and earlier, the Roku had broken and gifted Netflix & Amazon Prime expired, and I couldn’t replace them with a clear conscience (I was wasting too much time).
After travel & the summer’s drama, settling into the school semester and working very hard, I like watching ‘The Making of…’ in movies’ Special Features, library $1 and Book-Off $2.50 DVD’s, re-watching and pondering Downton Abbey, and other redemptive art. They are inspiring in a creative way.

I like Samaritan’s Purse because they meet practical and spiritual needs both in U.S. & overseas.
9-18 FlorenceSamaritansPurseTrucksConvoy of disaster relief trucks headed to eastern North Carolina from Samaritan’s Purse
Texas-tornado-response-prayer-376x240(Iraq field hospital, Texas tornado response, Operation Christmas Child,
operation-christmas-child Africa

Wilmington, NC at Hurricane Florence damage image,34.41,618

New roastery opening in Milan, the first Starbucks in Italy.
Starbucks roastery opening in Milan, Italy

Venice, July 2008 (view sketched on a bus ride back to town)

A man hardly ever says this to a woman.
(My brake pads are almost ‘new’ after almost-2 years [down-shifting & clutch, letting car decelerate on its own when I see traffic slow-up ahead or red light].)

It was the surprise in his voice.

“You KNOW how to drive, then.”

It’s very hard for a man to admit this to a woman, even a Honda service advisor.

A couple of weeks ago I started a movie that wasn’t good, so switched theaters (which they said was ok when I bought the ticket), and tried Mission Impossible Fallout. I loved the music and scenery, and had never seen any of the others.

I haven’t had TV since early June (it got to be almost $100 of my Spectrum bill!), & the Roku died; so I’ve been watching DVD films free from the library. I took out 4 of the Mission Impossible movies, and fast-forward over the endless/senseless violence, but like the cast and scenic locations. It’s nice to have a little ‘travel experience’ after working hard.

Last night after class, I fast-forwarded through most of Rogue Nation because I didn’t like the villain! He was just too evil: I didn’t want him ‘in my living room’ (same with Javier Bardem’s villain in Skyfall). Actors like to play ‘baddies;’ but we don’t have to dwell on it.

The 4 DVD’s are by the door ready to go back to the library; but tonight when I got home, I wanted to see the cast again and watch some more: it’s their love for each other, which creates synergy.

Ving Rhames is my favorite.

(Australia & New Zealand botanical gardens)



(These are in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Thailand.)
Flower box geraniums on pink building, Lisbon, MP RenfrewPurple-sari lady at falls, Sri Lanka
Roti Man outside his booth
Negambo beach friends 3, MP Renfrew photo July 2013
Singapore blossoms, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Coleus in grass, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, MP Renfrew
Purple Thai Airlines, LAX June 30, 2013
Colorful clothes, Sri Lanka, MP Renfrew


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