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I’ll start posting more photos tonight. Today is Scottish Festival on Queen Mary.River Calder, Newtonmore, MP Renfrew Glen hike 7-15-15(This is Scotland.)☺

I’ve often threatened to write a book, “Death by Friendliness”…

In Walk the Line, Joaquin Phoenix’s Johnny Cash proposes marriage to Reese Witherspoon’s June Carter at the back of their tour bus, and her response is one of the best ‘educations’ for any men wanting to woo and win over women. It’s such excellent acting, + the prison concert & song where he proposes again, I’ve seen those scenes when rerun on TV, several times. They did their own singing and won awards.


They used to call AR’s “Pineapple Expresses;” but then they had the movie, “Pineapple Express.”

I decided to wait to lead our first field trip. Enjoy the holiday.
More wildflowers will be coming out soon, as they love this rain.:-)

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