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Some of you know I just traveled around the world (RTW). It’s really fun, and I do it ‘relatively cheaply’ :-). It’s not just where I go, but the people whom God orchestrates meetings and conversations with that really make it ‘joyful’!
These are some of the people whom I remember with love (not in order, and I’m missing good photos of a lot).Donald & Morag Barr in Newtonmore, 1
Donald and Morag Barr in Newtonmore, ScotlandIan, Jo and Poppy at GlencoeIan, Jo and Poppy hiking in GlencoeMelanie and Jo Cumming, Glencoe
Botanical artists in Singapore
Botanical artists in SingaporeBernie & Heather, Sondheim Guesthouse Kingussie 1Bernie the host and Heather, a guest, at Sonnhalde Guesthouse in Kingussie, ScotlandEDI to LGW friends (2)London friends on their way home from InvernessGardener at Kensington 2 (2)
Gardener at Kensington Palace in LondonBaltic amber Tallinn
Estonians with their Baltic amber
Tallinn ferry agent:Estonian ferry agent
Because I was in Dubai during Ramadhan, I felt shy about taking photos because a lot of people were fasting during daylight; it’s even against the law to drink water or eat in public! I met a lot of Africans, Filipinos, Indians, Chinese, and Russians working and traveling everywhere, so it was happy, and good conversations with these friends:

Gandhi is, like, everyone’s friend.

Photo not availableSometimes when I travel, I feel ‘chemistry’ standing next to a man.

It’s sweet.

It’s not that either of us act on it, but I feel close to the Almighty when I feel it, made in His image, Genesis 1:27.

4 times now at the end of a flight, attendants have come back to me and given me a present. Maybe because I was a waitress over an 8-year period, we reverberate; and they’re just happy someone appreciates them.

(My camera was set on the American date.)

Two other times, flight attendants have wrapped first-class bottles of wine in fancy cloth napkins and come back (to aisle economy) to give them to me. Other passengers look jealous.
I don’t really like wine unless I am trying to convey the impression of being sophisticated,
but they made nice gifts for people. One I still have, dated 2000, in case I need to pretend to impress someone in the future.

Kenyan pilots invited me to come chat in the cockpit once, for fun. They liked that I speak Swahili.
This was after 911, and my son was rolling his eyes. God opens the door when He wants us to go in.

The cheetah keepers trusted us in to pet Mara when I told them (in Swahili) ‘we like cats.’


traditional Estonian food
Singapore burgers, Port-o-Bomb
Singapore waffle with espresso

Il est né en Mauritanie, et vole entre Varsovie et Tallinn, Estonie.Pierre the Nordica pilot WAW to TLL 1

as the world turns.

so I could have a cool place to walk around for awhile.

My system of trapping night air indoors broke down today when by 4, it was feels-like 85 F inside and out.

I walked up and down most aisles and it was pretty interesting seeing what was being offered for sale.

I didn’t really want anything, but considered buying this vacuum cleaner because it has a photo of a golden retriever beckoning you.

Sofia metro stationHelsinki tramSingapore subway 5

Pierre the Nordica pilot WAW to TLL 1
EDI to KNG train sceneryScottish train agent EDI to KNG


where there’s a chase scene in a parking structure.

Trap outdoor night air inside, shut windows early morning, use 2-3 layers of blinds & lace curtains;
get head wet, try to keep (invisible) humidity out.


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