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but then I might.

Updated 7:10 a.m. 4/22
Spring veg at Malibu Creek, 2014, MP Renfrew

Hi and happy spring to you.
There are lots of festivals & events this weekend for spring & Earth Day; temperatures are supposed to be in the 70’s F today(4/22). These are beautiful days with fresh spring green, wildflowers, and clean air from the ocean: just wear light layers & a hat to keep sun off your eyes! Bring water and picnic food.

I’m planning to hike to the MASH site today/Sunday morning, ‘Earth Day’ 4/22, at 8:45, starting from the Grasslands Trail trailhead on Mulholland Drive (just West of Las Virgenes, near the ‘Sepulveda Adobe’ on the upper right of second map below: bypass the 2 park signs, turn left on Mulholland and park carefully along the street). From 405N, go 10W to 1 PCH, not 101, so you can see and feel the ocean on the way, and Malibu Canyon! Google maps directions can rip us off for ‘2 minutes.’
<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-52932" src="; alt="LAHC to Malibu Creek Grasslands Trail map" width="3200" height="1800" /
(If there is a slowup on 405 because Marina Fwy is closed, be patient,
unless it's already past 10.)
Malibu Creek State Park map
(Allow about 1 hour 15 minutes from the Harbor area; I usually stop briefly in Malibu to use the restroom because the pit toilet on this trail is ‘not nice.’)

If you are in Lab and writing a report, if you don’t want to hike the whole way, you can turn around at Century Lake to go to the 2 visitor centers. Whatever you do learn and write up will earn credit; you can decide at the lake if you still feel energy.

I love this hike, and really feel like ‘myself’ when I go here; it makes me happy to be in the ‘prairies’ and woods.


This summer without intending it, I realized that if I continue with my planned itinerary, I will have visited A, B, C, and D climates; so I was thinking I should do a side trip to an ‘E’ (polar). (If I’m in Helsinki, it’s not that farther North to E Tundra.)

But then I’d need an ‘H’ Highland climate to make it complete.
(Climate types go from A – E from equator to poles, but Highlands have altitude zones as you go up. Click on map for focus.)


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