The Eastern Sierras are very beautiful in their fault-block panorama; and near Lone Pine are great rock outcrops that have been scenery for many westerns.
Sometimes I like to watch Bible movies to see how filmmakers portray their take on characters and stories: like European and other paintings, their perceptions of God, Jesus, and Hebrew patriarchs are enhancing.

I don’t like combat violence, but Israel’s tribes were at war with surrounding enemies, so I watched David and Goliath (2016 movie on Netflix, Matt Berberi): the prophet Samuel was teaching the small David how to better use weapons, forge metal from ore, and survive in the desert, because he recognized God had chosen him, the unlikely shepherd boy whom his brothers mocked, to be a future king.

It must have been filmed in spring 2014 or 2015 because flowers are out, and spring-deciduous green is in grass & trees. It’s ‘way too American’ in accents, so gets either 2 or 10 ratings, but I liked it for the scenery and identity with David as a character. It’s common to be mocked; and he worked and tried so hard. (Of course the later story with Bathsheba and Uriah was awful; but he did write Psalm 51 in major guilt and repentance.)
(Images from Alabama Hills Stewardship Group, screen shots; the one below is mine.)

I went on El Camino College Geology Instructor Joe Holliday’s field course in the Eastern Sierras, and we went to 40 stops in 4 days. They camped; I got a motel in Bishop, and I was the only one who slept: they froze all night, so I doled out my 2 down bags, extra parkas and wool sweaters kept in my trunk for emergencies, always the mom, never the dad.
The other thing I watched a few episodes of is ‘The Americans,’ because I like Keri Russell as an actress (The Magic of Ordinary Days, silly-but-sweet-as-she-falls-for-a-‘professor’ Austenland), and she got awards for this part. They’re Russian spies in the Cold War, but it’s about their marriage & family life. I have friends who work for the FBI, and have been to the International Spy Museum in D.C. twice: it documents true cases like this. The show presents many moral conflicts, e.g. the scared teen daughter just confided in the pastor how her parents were secret Soviets: what does he do?

In the current government climate, I’m sure the D.C. mood is despondent & somber; and that’s when morals crack because people who swore oaths don’t care anymore, as who/what they swore allegiance to belittles them constantly on Twitter. Hurtful behavior is ‘demoralizing,’ but ultimately we answer to God who sees everything,
which facts are true,
and which are not facts.

There is objective reality, and it’s eternal.

Note: this is not the real Jesus: the world was in black and white then.