melanie-patton-renfrew-royal-palms10-16TBN ran its ‘Best of 2016’ special of clips & music from ‘anointed’ expressions, piercing & funny truth. Joyce Meyer told an audience that she could honestly thank God (now) that she’d been abused because of how He turned it into good for life.

God promises that He’ll reward what we do in secret; and in the last 10 years since I was so libeled and slandered in a ridiculous way, which I still get accused of as if it’s true, the Lord has given me 3 trips around the world on (mostly) award seats, & this trip this month to Australia and New Zealand;
my son earned eight ‘5’ scores on A.P. exams, multiple high school ‘Tower Awards,’ and we got to go to Europe and D.C.,
he was awarded a 4-year University of California Regents Scholarship and had 4 job offers on graduating,
works as a software engineer and is engaged to a very beautiful & smart lady;
I paid off my house;
my mom & sister both went to heaven but I’m closer to my dad than ever,
another sister & I reconciled after 10 years :-),
my garden is doing well, God has given me ‘100’ friends, and good health.

Jesus is great!
Solo Deo gloria!