Melanie in Newtonmore, 6-16A couple of 1000 photos, same weight but I needed to buy a belt in Jerusalem because pants became too loose; I’m sure I walked hundreds of miles.

C Marine West Coast – London, York, Kingussie, Glentruim, Inverness, Paris
C Humid subtropical/border/D Humid continental – Hungary
C Mediterranean – Israel
B Desert – Israel, Qatar (Doha)
A Tropical monsoon/rainforest – Phuket, Thailand.
No tsunami, & they aren’t triggered by the ‘weather,’ but ocean-floor earthquakes (seismic sea waves, not tidal).

I probably took >1000 photos of plants; and toward the end when I went to a market, I wanted to buy a plant, i.e. that’s what I felt the most attracted to despite hunger and fascinating grocery choices.

So first morning back with this lovely marine layer, I gardened with my own soil, which I bought by working hard.

Part of the reason I did it a third time is in our future world, I’m not sure I’ll go around the world (RTW) again. Southern hemisphere one January maybe, but long flights over oceans can tire you and take energy from arrivals. (Jet lag lasts a week for a lot of people, or even “1 day of adjustment for every time zone crossed;” e.g. L.A. to Cairo/Turkey/Israel = 10 hours, 10 days.)
I just missed a bomb in Istanbul, was ‘interrogated’ & ridiculed at Ben Gurion (my suitcase was too small for a ‘real tourist,’ #Profiling), & unexpectedly earned renown in my only Air China flight* by climbing on an armrest yesterday to whack a giant cucaracha roaming in an overhead bin on boarding. They don’t let you take durian.

The Wings of China in-flight magazine in the seat-back pocket can be folded for increased weaponry against invaders.

* The young, petite flight attendant looked helpless, but working in the tropics 4 1/2 years equips you with these lightning reflexes. We have to outwit our enemies.