On the last few days, I am really happy that I’ve done it! In Scotland, Israel, and here in Thailand, I’ve had great visits with friends; and made new ones in ‘strange places & circumstances,’ e.g., in the pool, Qatar airport (Doha), on planes, you can’t plan it: God just orchestrates my steps to teach me things about His world.

Everywhere I go, if people are taking selfies or group shots, they like it if I offer to take some with them altogether. They get so happy; then I feel happy. Today in the pool (a.k.a. “Little China, Little Russia”), a new family came from Chong Zheng, taking photos of how beautiful the grounds are. I beckoned them to come in the pool & was making them laugh; and then she showed me she made a video of me being goofy. AAAAUGH! But the clincher was her husband said, ‘You look beautiful.’ I said, ‘No! YOU look beautiful!;’ and I’ve laughed the rest of the day trying to think of why he said that.
Thavorn pool Kamala Phuket, MP Renfrew 7-4-16
Doha-Phuket map in Qatar seat