He was very friendly and conversational. He lives here with his family, and is editing a movie he directed about a sculptor in France. I teased him about being a ‘movie star,’ and the way he shrugged was a dead giveaway that it was really him. I couldn’t remember his name and kept thinking of Willie Garson (Mozzie in White Collar), but did not want to stereotype short bald actors.:-) When I mentioned I liked him in Julie & Julia as ‘Meryl Streep’s husband,’ immediately he claimed it! I’m glad I didn’t remember his ‘The Terminal’ role (stern nemesis to Tom Hanks); but he was good in Spotlight as the lawyer.

It’s funny how celebrities both want a certain amount of anonymity and freedom, but also like to be praised, as if they’re inwardly hungry for it and can’t get enough. I treat people as if they’re brothers and sisters under God, but do have a hierarchy in the classroom.

Actor Richard Armitage (whom I loved in North & South, & Vicar of Dibley last 2 episodes) said he’d gone to auditions where employers asked if he’d had parts. Shyly he explained, “Yes, I was Thorin in The Hobbit.”

I saw David Paymer at Junior’s Deli, and wanted to ask how he was doing after that skin rash in Ocean’s 13.