I like my little Asus Zenbook because it’s fast and lightweight, and I do most of my schoolwork planning & grading at home, on my lap. I am not addicted to my phone. Enough owners of this machine have had our hinges break that they call it a ‘design flaw’ (we haven’t dropped them); but when I took it to the Microsoft store where I bought it to get the hinge fixed (maybe a screwdriver?), they said it would take “several weeks” to ship to 1 central fix-it place in Ohio, where evidently thousands of computers are ‘waiting.’

There is a tech-y fix-it guy at Office Depot near here, but even he said they ship out anything ‘cosmetic.’

The prospect of being without my computer for ‘several weeks’ made me realize I AM ‘addicted’ to it, and needed to strip it of anything personal.  I wouldn’t want Geography tests being sold on eBay, and there were some tax records saved. Even after (regularly) erasing hundreds, today I moved 43,362 photos to a hard drive.

Melanie P. Renfrew, April 2013