last-supper da vinciTonight after class, I went to dinner at the Norwegian church in San Pedro, and stayed for their ‘Maundy Thursday’ service, which was in Swedish, too. The music was so beautiful, I cried. (I’ve gone to rock & roll churches since I was a teenager, but also Catholic and Baptist.) None of us knew what ‘Maundy’ means, so we had to Google it: it has to do with Jesus’ ‘mandate’ or command to ‘LOVE one another,’ showing the humble example by washing His disciples’ feet before the “Lord’s supper” (“communion,” made famous by DaVinci’s painting).

His instructions were for us to ‘wash others’ feet’ as a way of serving them; and of course, feet are smelly.

When I’ve randomly mentioned to students or friends that I’ve been taking a Beginning Norwegian class on Saturdays, their response is always, surprisingly, “Cool!” I guess it sounds ‘exotic,’ ‘other.’ Do you think Norway was made ‘exotic’ by ‘Frozen’?

I love English movies and series because of scenery, their accents, and that it’s green and ‘other;’ British people often love American movies and shows, and wish they could come here.

Olaf loses his head, FrozenNorthern Europe,
Hedge row, Brecon Mp Renfrew