Compass - West is on left, East is on right, and it spells WE across if you read from left ot right.  In China, Israel, Arabic world, it spells EW.I had 2 roommates over the years who are genuinely dyslexic.  One is ambidextrous, as she learned to do things with both hands & arms, and became a successful analyst.  The other is naturally left-handed, earned her Ph.D. in Geography and is a professor, and told me she has to stop and think each time, which way is right or left?

I have heard many other stories about how individuals mistakenly thought they were ‘stupid’ for not understanding reading, math, directions, etc., as they grew up; but once diagnosed and determined to work through their dyslexia, always carrying a dictionary (made easier now with a smart phone), they earned all A’s and graduated into careers.

Therefore, I believe it is not a crippling condition or something that should just be ‘given into’ as a permanent brain disability.

If you are a student reading this, I will help you to try to learn directions outside, anywhere you go in the world; but ultimately, it is your choice and determination that will give you a sense of conquest over anything. Try it. I’ve worked with a lot of accident victims who had part of their brains damaged, and they learned map skills by re-wiring what’s left.:-)