I was listening to preacher Kerry Shook on TV yesterday, and they showed a video clip of a slum neighborhood in Nairobi where they’re working with orphans and teens to try to keep them in school.
Golfcourse neighborhood NairobiI used to live in the neighborhood next door to the Kibera slum with a Ugandan family and Kamba helper (sometimes called an ayah or nanny), Mueni. (At night I slept in the ‘servant’s quarters’ with an outside door, which always startled passersby.) Mueni went to Kibera to ‘church,’ and one time I walked over there with her. It was a pretty crowded slum (mud, trash, filth, wet, smells, etc.); but what I remember vividly is when I paused to let a man go by, Mueni told me,
“He said in my language (Kikamba), ‘She has a lot of respect.'”