SpaceX’s 11-minute time exposure showing both launch and landing: falcon 9 launch, landing Space x
Space Shuttle Endeavor from Crenshaw Green Line station - 2,  MP Renfrew photo 9-21-12
I pass SpaceX all the time (Rocket Road by Hawthorne Airport) and watched Space Shuttle Endeavor pass us 4x from up on the Green Line Station. (Yes, this is my photo.)
Tonight, ORBCOMM-2 launched 11 satellites and Falcon 9 flipped and landed at the Cape Canaveral launch site vertically! They likened it to “launching a pencil over the Empire State Building, flipping  & landing upright inside a shoebox in a windstorm.”
The superb joy is in SpaceX’s headquarters here watching, about 22-35 minutes into this 45 minute video:
ORBCOMM-2Full Launch Webcast

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