Malibu Canyon wallSMMs Lith PatternsFriends of mine are hiking/exploring/bushwhacking today up above Malibu Creek State Park, and wanted me to come along to teach them some plants.  I wanted to very much as I’ve been thinking about the shady riparian trail to the MASH site for months, but couldn’t.  They are having some exciting winds right now (‘G’ means Gusts or bursts of air, as wind blows from High to Low pressure in sharp gradients):

Weather Conditions for:
Elev: 1575 ft; Latitude: 34.061561; Longitude: -118.645219

Time Wind Wind
  Direction Speed
(PST)   (mph)
11 Dec 11:56 am PST NW 25G61
11 Dec 10:56 am PST ENE 19G38
11 Dec 9:56 am PST E 30G48
11 Dec 8:56 am PST ENE 20G42
11 Dec 7:56 am PST ENE 19G64
11 Dec 6:56 am PST ENE 25G46
11 Dec 5:56 am PST NW 30G63
11 Dec 4:56 am PST NW 25G47
11 Dec 3:56 am PST NW 23G38
11 Dec 2:56 am PST NW 18G31
11 Dec 1:56 am PST NW 14G30
11 Dec 12:56 am PST WNW 12G24
10 Dec 11:56 pm PST NW 11G18
10 Dec 10:56 pm PST NNW 11G24
10 Dec 9:56 pm PST WNW 13G22


Backdrop seen in many MASH episodes, Santa Monica Mountains