Bond locations
Dr. Melanie P. Renfrew mug shot, ORD re-entry, July 2013
I like Daniel Craig because of his depth and vulnerability, and how Skyfall explored Bond’s Scottish roots, orphaned upbringing and recruitment, and how Javier Bardem’s way-too-evil villain needled him with it.
Glencoe-skyfallI like the new Eve Moneypenny (& Samantha Bond’s current Downton Abbey & Masterpiece Home Fires!). The current one in Spectre is blonde, and dares Bond to make choices, not just ride along with a feeling of destiny or obedience to orders.

It starts out in Mexico City in a Day of the Dead celebration. Although I haven’t been there, I’ve been in 6-7 other Mexican cities and feel close to the culture, if not the skeletons.

I also ‘felt close to’ Austria in the snow, gray London, and dry, hazy Morocco. I’ve seen a lot of movies filmed in the Atlas Mountains & Moroccan Sahara, and worked in Egypt and Turkana ‘nearby’ (a continent away, but hey).

I feel ‘intimate’ with the characters’ feelings because good acting does that, invites you into their angst and dilemmas.

I wore wax ear plugs, and still pushed them in during all the loud fighting scenes & extra-loud music. People are deaf.

I liked Spectre, and want to go again; but 1st I want to see The Martian for the 3rd time to feel satisfied.

When I left the theater, I was really glad I had a stick shift car. It’s intimate, a skill for safe maneuvering.

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