This morning I was studying a map of the Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Garden, and noticed that their instructions said to “Please enter the Crystal Bridge from the South side, facing Reno.” (This map has North at the left.) OKC Botanical Gardens mapI called them to nicely ask if facing the Crystal Bridge, wouldn’t Reno would really be behind you, and the man who answered was nice and said I was right; he’d let the website people know.

His kind reaction reminded me of when I went to a panel discussion at the 2013 Association of American Geographers meeting, that had top people from Google Maps, iPhone mapping, US Geological Survey, and one other, maybe Microsoft. I asked them about directional dyslexia, saying that I’d heard maybe 1 in 5 have some kind of trouble with it: did they find that in their offices & labs?

They smiled and nodded with no defensiveness, no insult taken, and said, “Yes, it can be a problem.”

They didn’t even threaten me with jail for LIKING them.