Horse at Glentruim, MPRenfrew
Old MacPherson estate, Glentruim, Scotland, MP Renfrew
Poppy, Jo Cumming's garden, Glentruim
Glentruim pond
Irises, Jo Cumming's garden, Glentruim
Near Ardverikie, MP Renfrew
River Spey near Laggan, Scotland, MP Renfrew
RIver Spey near Laggan, MP Renfrew
Lone house near Laggan, MP RenfrewIan Hall, Poppy at Ardverikie Estate Gate aka Glenbogle, near Laggan, ScotlandLaggan storeGate to Ardverikie
Monarch of the Glen road, Ardverikie
Poppy on way to Ardverikie lake, Ian Hall's dog
Path to Arverikie lake
Poppy in lake, Ardverikie
Ardverikie lake, storm coming, MP Renfrew
Spey tributary rapids near Ardverikie, MP Renfrew
Waterfall near Laggan
Center of Scotland plaque near Laggan
Jo Cumming, Glentruim

Jo's geraniums, Glentruim
adverikie location monarch of glen scotland mapMany thanks to Ian Hall, Jo Cumming, and Poppy for their hosting and great tour!

When I discovered the Monarch of the Glen series in about May or early June, it was like a ‘calling’ to go to this land and walk the trails that were once Clan Macpherson and neighbor territory, as if my DNA and spirit were ‘calling out’ to reconnect with previous turf. (Emma Thompson’s character pointed this out to the clerk in ‘Howard’s End’ when he walked all night out of London to experience a ‘meadow’ with flowers, which he’d only read about in books.)

When I actually got to go here because of the Lord’s and Ian’s kindness, when I’d only fell upon the Badenoch Fiddlers by walking from Kingussie to the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore (where Outlander was partly filmed, and 2 of the violinists had bicycled by with instruments hanging on their backs!), it was such an amazing experience with the Lord’s hand all over orchestrating it. Thank you! I’m still listening to their music, and the land and people are still in my thoughts!