Iris blooms 12-16-12, MP Renfrew -1Italian stone pine from about 4-5 Christmases ago, MP Renfrew 12-13-12spring-tomatoes
Every 2-3 days
Making new arrangements, 8-5-12
Tomato forestDesert bowl gardens, MP Renfrew, 10-11-12
Succulent dish gardens, mprenfrew, 4-2-13
4-4-13 backyard
I made 30+ more plant pots, 8-17-13, MP Renfrew
Dividing a rootbound pothos into 2, MP Renfrew, 8-9-13
The ficus was from the 99-cent store; the pine was a sad little post-Christmas potted tree
July 10, 2012 backyard
Harvesting the rain, 12-16-12 MP Renfrew
Pine growth, squash harvest August 2008