Salzburg to Zurich Train
Bad-Reichenhall mapgerman-countryside-near-bad-reichenhall-dr-m-renfrew

with a Bad Reichenhall stamp in my passport (pronounced ‘Bod’). One time I took a train from Zurich, Switzerland to Salzburg, Austria, then to Bad Reichenhall, Germany nearby. Switzerland is not in the EU (European Union) as its currency and economy have been much stronger. The train was maybe the most beautiful ride I have ever been on; and when we came to the border, it was like being in a movie, because a gruff German-speaking soldier came through the train and demanded to see our passports, but didn’t stamp them. Once in the E.U., there are no border checks or stamps.

Salzburg, Austria from the fortSalzburg and Bad Reichenhall are also very beautiful, and I wanted a record of the latter in my passport, so I went to the post office and asked if I could get a postmark stamp. They got in an interesting-sounding, long argument (in German) about whether they would be allowed to do that, and I just smiled innocently (as always, story of my life). Finally one stamped my passport, and they all smiled in enjoyment.

I walked to the edge of town and came back on a road where Germany is on the left and Austria is on the right, with lookout towers.

I got my new passport and a passport card today (for Mexico), and each stamp in my old one is full of stories.