Italy, NASA, wikimediaItaly’s climate, veg. & rockiness are a lot like California’s, but it’s a peninsula, so sea winds come in from the East, too. What they also have are a better train system, war ruins out in fields, and far more people smoke.

Otherwise, everyone talking all at once, it’s the same.

The south face of the Alps are in the North, but otherwise altitudes are not as high for our sea-level lungs to get oxygen.

With Cho on the Adriatic, 2008:

Newtonmore Scotland
Rick Steves did a show on hiking in England, and I remember hiking in gentle drizzle (like today in L.A.) in Scottish hills over the confluence of Rivers Calder and Spey.

Roman Britain mapRoman.Britain.campaigns.43.to_.84

Roman = Romance
Viking invasions of Britain
Viking re-enactors