homemade pumpkin schmear  with pumpkin bagel, Melanie Renfrew Nov. 2014
Einstein’s Bagels stopped selling ‘seasonal’ pumpkin specialties because they are headquartered in Colorado, maybe with a diffused-from-New-York idea that ‘pumpkin season has already passed with October;’ and they have switched to ‘apple’ specialties.
It’s a geography thing, and also has to do with deep feelings about what’s rational in the Cosmos, + autumn hormones in response to reduced temperatures and photoperiod (day length).

To make your own pumpkin light-cream-cheese spread, mix these things (only some of the pumpkin):
Making pumpkin schmear, MP Renfrew, 11-10-14

I separated 1/3 & added cayenne pepper + more pumpkin: delicious for exciting savoury, pumpkin-squashy taste with pumpernickel.
I added sweetener and more cinnamon to the rest.

I found another portal.

yeast hole in pumpkin bagel, MPR