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The current attacks in SW Asia are scary. I know a lot of people who think it’s the ‘end times.’ I don’t usually spend a lot of time on world news because it’s depressing: I’d rather focus on God’s good news, with hope. However, I am a realist.

Last night about 11 there was a huge racket (again) by my fence where the vandal neighbors live (“There are 9 of them”): I was scared, with adrenalin. I shouted a warning and got a flashlight (the light was already on). I was trying to watch a finale on “Chopped.” One of these guys was just seen hopping the fence to another backyard, and of course I don’t want them in mine.

raccoon streetI listened carefully and decided it was probably a wild animal, which I do not want in my yard: they do not belong. Raccoons are cute but can be aggressive; and I chided myself for having so much nervous-chemical that I did not want to go fight it with a hose. One time when I was hosing spiderwebs off the trees, the neighbor stuck his head out from behind the blinds and said, “Hey, you got my laptop wet!” because some of the spray had ricocheted off the fence. I apologized profusely and offered to come clean it up for him or lend him some towels. He declined, maybe because it could only have been a few drops, and he did not want me to see possible drugs lying around. My neighbor who watches them closely through his windows think he’s the culprit for all the things done to me: “He always looks guilty, and I glare at him,” but that doesn’t make it fact. (Although I did see him try to shoot a firecracker over the fence to my side at 1 a.m.)

My friend neighbor told me, “Don’t be so Christian: they could kill you.”

Nocturnal animals are awake during nighttime, gentle East winds in L.A.Possums are not as big as raccoons, but they look so much like big rats, I did not want that to be the last thing I saw before bed. I was too tired from a long day of trying to reach students who don’t do any work (some are poor, and just want a cool place to sit): choose your battles.

Every semester in World Regional Geography, we go through the whole world. Today I’m grading complicated Europe tests, and students who studied are doing well.
I can’t keep up with all world events, but do try to equip students with a framework that can help them understand what’s going on. It’s about turf.

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