vivian brownThe Weather Channel did a story on a baby born during a Hurricane Arthur flood, and she said with emphasis,
“I’m convinced there’s a correlation between labor and air pressure!”

With all my heart and mind, I’m convinced constant changes in air pressure, temperature and humidity such as we have in Southern California, desert vs. ocean air, affect people’s bodies and heads in unseen ways, but most don’t understand it.

I am also 100% convinced that repetitive forecasting of ocean flow, ocean flow, will not help anyone understand, because 90% of the time they say we’re having “East” winds in L.A., they may be right at night and morning (e.g. “E 3 mph”), but afternoon West ones are stronger (W 15-20 mph)…”ocean flow, right?”
It doesn’t teach anyone about invisible dimensions and body care.

Vivian gets it, and so do these Accuweather graphic artists that leave coastal L.A. (a.k.a. SHORE and basin) out of the East winds. If/when they call strong High pressure “DESERT AIR,” as I started suggesting in 2006, people would remember to drink water more. Winds are named from their source, and L.A. Basin has a lot of very hot, dry “CALM” days with vertical, sinking, adiabatic (compressional) heating, as deserts do. It is not just East or West winds, onshore or offshore, but the characteristics of the air that people need to understand to prevent bodily pain.
(These Accuweather graphics were from previous, what-other-meteorologists-were-calling “offshore episodes,” but West winds dominate in L.A. and O.C. coastal plains during High pressure, as a pattern. Watch yourself and see.)

Accuweather has their wording right DESERT AIRglass of water
Accuweather May 2, 2013 map of hot, dry winds blowing all but to the shore (correct)
At least Accuweather acknowledges L.A. Basin
Jan 2013 Santa Ana Accuweather graphic that does not show L.A. in winds' path