What’s amazing is how tall or overgrown the vegetation is.
We lived in Berkeley (near Tilden Park), near Chicago, and Duluth; and I also looked up my parents’ address in Brownsville, Texas, which stoked a lot of memories of going there on UCLA breaks when I’d just sleep.
Children’s mental maps of neighborhoods are shaped by trick-or-treating, because that’s when you actually go up to people’s doors.

hayward_fault_mapI went to Hillside Primary School, and we used to go to carnivals at Hillside Elementary, which happened to overlie the Hayward Fault:
hillside-elementary-school-google-earth-image, red line is Hayward Faulthttp://walkingthefault.wordpress.com/

Cragmont Elementary School, BerkeleyIn 4th grade, I broke my right wrist playing prison ball at Cragmont:

Color was not invented in these days.