Maleficent fairytalenewsblog screen shotLike Avatar, the digital artists created vertical-sided mountains and cliffs à la Guilin’s Tower Karst, but the rock is not limestone, just weathered gray and black.

ashridge countryside scenery (Ashridge, Petworth, Iver Heath) will remind you of other English-castle movies, with oaks, chestnuts, birch, and lots of spring flowers in fairyland, the moors and meadows. It is like Shrek meets Braveheart, Hogwarts, and King Arthur, with a little Avatar.
Maleficent fairies, landscape
The Tourist, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp VeniceAngelina Jolie is a good actress, and I liked her and Johnny Depp in The Tourist, too, ‘Elise Clifton-Ward.’ It’s like traveling to Venice.

In Maleficent, the reason why she is so powerful is she has great control of her face in hiding emotions, but releasing bare hints through her eyes. They worked hard on keeping the audience in suspense; and it’s really a Biblical principle,
that if you steal something that is not yours or destroy part of someone,
what you have and cherish will be taken from you and be given to the wronged one, and ‘maybe more.’
It’s not about $, but wholeness and love.

angelina-jolie-maleficient-Vivienne Jolie-Pitt
AJ with radiant Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (young Aurora).