Strait of Malacca, Singapore mapsouthernmost tip of continental Asia, Sentosa, Singapore, July 2013Singapore is the southernmost tip of continental Asia. Last summer I made it my first stop in going around the world (RTW) going Westward (“left” if North is at the top, Pacific-to-the-Atlantic; the previous time was to the ‘right,’ Atlantic-to-the-Pacific).

Jet-lagged and foggy-brained, still trying to process the 5-hour layover in Korea (where I’d never been), and interesting Thai and Singapore Airlines flights, I arrived at 5 a.m. for a 17-hour layover (‘free’ on my way to Sri Lanka). Arriving early and leaving on a later flight allow you time to go into a city and explore for the day, carrying only hand luggage, or stashing it in an airport locker.

I took connecting subways to Sentosa Island, where I met a Hungarian there for a swim. We talked all afternoon about global systems, people and our sons (he’d worked in Russia). It was pretty quiet, cloudy but still humid and about 80 F.
I saw a cool indoor plant wall (not as creative as mine), took a tropical rainforest hike, had afternoon tea English-style (fish and chips without fish), finished at Raffles Hotel, and though foggy, felt happy.

It was romantic.
Singapore blossoms, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Singapore airport, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Afternoon tea 1 Singapore, July 2, 2013
singapore-raffles-hotel, travel ngs
Palms & Travelers' palms 3, Raffles Singapore, July 2013 MPrenfrew
Georgei the Hungarian Fencing Coach, Sentosa, Singapore, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Drilling ship, Singapore coast