yellow heirloom tomatoesTomatoes, strawberries 2012
GardeningThis is for L.A. area readers. Threat of frost is over and sun angle is higher, so plant what summer vegetables you like. Even if we have a low-water year, it’s still joyful to grow your own food, as it has a sweet-wild taste. Cherry tomatoes are great if you add free Starbucks coffee grounds to the soil and mix it in, but maybe don’t eat them before bed. I’ve probably grown over 1000 of these in the last dozen years, and last year they just came up on their own.

Strawberries are also a good choice: just be careful bugs, birds, possoms and raccoons don’t get ’em before you do. The other types of berries, corn, melons, squash, I think require too much water to make it worth it, though they are sweet if you just rinse and eat them off the bush, before the sugar turns to starch. If we have a wet spring and more is predicted, go for it; otherwise they dry up and get stunted.

The last time we had an El Niño predicted, La Nada.
Tomato forest
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