Chef Jun Tanaka Chopped Champion“Chopped” is my favorite show on television since last November. It’s international, inner-city, inter-racial, and about creativity and risk-taking, overcoming ‘evil’ (terribly unappetizing or artificial ingredients) with ‘good’ (disguising those tastes but allowing hints of their possibly-redemptive essence).
It’s about competition; and what blesses my socks off is when chefs like Jean-Louis from France are completely loving, not harsh or snarking to the other competitors.
I’m glad when the super-bragging or snarking ones are axed,
Chef Jun Tanaka has the most romantic British accent of all,
the French accents are magical,
and I love the catharsis of it: I cry for the losers and cry for the winner, all with their amazing stories, competing for their families, dreams. Some shy chefs confess in the backstage ‘interview room’ how they have crushes on the lady judges, and hope they can please them with what they prepare.

I was a busgirl, pantry girl, waitress and breakfast cook at 5 restaurants in Duluth and St. Paul, Minnesota; Brownsville, Texas; and Jackson, Wyoming.
Brandi Chastain on ChoppedSoccer Super-Star Brandi Chastain had never used a deep fryer, but tried it with alligator pieces, and won all 3 rounds for $50,000 for her charity in Chopped Sports Stars.