In 2 Chronicles 9:9, the Queen of Sheba gave already-wealthy Israel’s King Solomon gold, spices, and precious stones,
by verse 12, “King Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba all she desired and asked for” (jewelry? livestock? grain supplies? art items? what didn’t they have in ‘Sheba’?)

“He gave her more than she had brought to him.”

In other words, Solomon could not be outdone by the beauty and generosity of this neighboring queen,
and it could have been that was what she was after all along, to play to his manhood and try to out-guile him into giving her more.

But it also could mean he genuinely fell in love with her, and from the heart, felt God’s fatherly and romantic provision for her and all her domain, because she’s a woman, near-but-not-quite his equal, he identified with her and felt impressed by her beauty and entourage, and gifts to him… which he didn’t need from her,
but recipients need to receive for the friendship to be complete.