Job experienced all kinds of irrational and unfair suffering: his friends did not understand and leaned toward thinking he’d done something wrong to bring it about, the classic “Blame the Victim” mentality.
At the end, after God confronted him with “Where were you when I created the foundations of heaven and earth?,” He instructed him to “Pray for his friends,” meaning to forgive them for their misunderstanding and mistaken accusation; and only then, after his heart extended mercy and forgiveness to wish his friends blessing, only then, GOD GAVE HIM TWICE AS MUCH AS HE HAD IN THE BEGINNING.:-)

I like that passage, and believe it.

meryl davis charlie whiteIn a minor way, after I worked through my dumb but relentless exasperation with Olympic skating commentators, “hating” their voices but just giving up on it, I watched the ice dancing finale with music on; and even though I saw on the internet they’d won, I still cried when they did: they just made me so happy. They’d worked together 17 years, and even though not a romantic couple, so they say, they still worked as one, a unison, so in tune with each other.

It’s a model of God’s love and beauty, how He created us.