I like the way American pioneers used sour dough, and plain yogurt, kefir or milk-gone-sour work well as a buttermilk-substitute.

About 1.5 cups plain nonfat yogurt (mine was thawed [previously frozen], looking curdly, which hints of blintzes);
1 egg, 2-3 pinches baking powder, dash of lite salt;
Enough whole wheat flour to make a dough-y batter;
Whatever sweetening you want to add (any jam or leftover syrup packets, or try raspberry chipotle or jalapeño for a little wake-up call).
(Nonstick spray, as there’s no fat.)

They are like super-yummy-delicious, right-out-of-a-campfire with a Gold Rush creek rippling through stones nearby.

Give a shy person strength to do what she needs to do.
Kefir-sourdough pancakes & berries, MP Renfrew, 7-9-14
Good with berries!