jesus nail hole, Bible series History ChannelBen Aug 2009
Some of the Pattons
Oscar, Buster April 2013Oscar colonizes 11-24-12
Ocean Trails trip, Dr. Melanie Renfrew Geography, LA Harbor College, Oct. 2011
Geog 1 520 extra credit wetlands walk, 10-11-12
LAHC Geog 1 1110 Geo F Cyn, Dr. Renfrew
The Web - aspen branches
Suzan and Matt Ebiner
Jonathon Lee, LAHC Library Chair and Webaster
Rochelle, Les
Dr. Tissa Munasinghe LAHC Geology,  Christine Zuhlsdorf (Scholarship abundance winner, LAHC grad and UCLA GEOG queen), my buddies
SCC 109 Geography room window, LAHC Dr. Renfrew
LAHC Geography Students with Dr. Renfrew, 10-31-13
Pre-Noel multiplication 2, MP Renfrew
New transplants, 12-15-12, MP Renfrew - 2
cumulus in Georgetown, MP Renfrew 10-13
Palm, cumulus, mp renfrew
where ocean and land meet
Pacific Ocean
Snow, rust, pines Bryce 1-31-13
white birch forest, MP Renfrew July 2013