GIft basket1. Everyone likes to receive presents in their favorite colors, so pick a container and ribbon, and maybe contents that echo that color.
2. A lot of the gift baskets in stores now have homogenized cheap cookies. Try to tailor-make the gift basket to the recipient, with food items they wouldn’t ordinarily have, like unique pasta sauce with colorful, unique noodles, unusual coffee, tea, or ‘hot’ cocoa (with chili pepper), a large mug in their favorite color, gourmet nuts or fancy snacks, and something Christmas-y like peppermint dark chocolate. It should have red if it’s a Christmas person, royal blue (& purple’s good) for Hanukkah, with gold coins.
3. Sometimes shredded filler or tissue paper stinks because of the ink/dye, so smell everything before you buy it.
4. Go after what people are longing for, symbols of what they like. A lot of grown-ups like little toys as gifts, so we can feel like kids. If it’s a big basket, add something savory, a crunch snack, sweet treats, and pears, apples and/or tangerines for color.
5. If it’s mostly a fruit basket, add some tropical ones, with unique cheese and nuts.
6. If you can surround with strong cellophane and a bow, it adds to the holiday feeling.
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