and she offered me a tour of the city:  today she picked me up at the Museum of Portuguese Guitars (Fado, illustrating the class struggle and creative passion of artists ºbornº to be fadistas),

Fado Museum painting, Lisbon
showed me the cityºs historical landmarks,
took me and her friend to lunch at BemBelem – seafood hors dºoeurves, sea bass, octopus and mackerel, rice and salad, grainy rolls and local cheese for tomorrowºs lunch, dessert cherries and Portuguese coffee (Brazil?),
Linda, Ferninda, Melanie, Belem Lisbon seafood lunch, July 2013
explained the history of their people,
and as retired TAP Portugal flight attendants, we shared favorite tour destinations around the world.
Fernanda's octupus, Lisbon
(written with a Portuguese computer)