Nik Wallenda's wire over AZ canyon, Discovery ChannelHow to pray through a difficult situation, and we all face them.
Even though he’d trained for it, those fast winds were stressful,
he took authority over them in Jesus’ name, as God’s son, as He taught us to do, and made it through, crying with relief.

Jesus modeled “stilling the storm,”
crying with empathy,
and enduring the cross, despising the shame,
and is now seated at the right hand of God
so we can share it, togetherness with them,
anywhere in the world or space.

Nasa_earthHe’s omnipresent, omniscient,
and we live in a fallen world, so His omnipotence is waiting to be revealed, and sons and daughters can freely call on Him at all times for help and healing, in Jesus’ name, the Jewish Mashiach come for everyone, Jews and non-Jews alike.

It’s about adoption, grace, freedom, forgiveness & compassion.jesus nail hole, Bible series History Channel
(Diogo Morgado in ‘Son of God,’ a great movie)