UCLA’s pool: too far away
El Camino pool: indoors
Cal State L.A.’s: never tried it because of the commute
Woodbury U. in Burbank: great pool for guests from out of town, one got a C+ on my midterm even though he never had the class, and of course we dined at Bob’s Big Boy to honor Johnny.
CSU Dominguez: they have a good pool, and I swam there a lot (key to women’s faculty locker room, not that far from my house)
Pepperdine in Malibu: the students were not so diverse, but class was only 6-8 p.m., and swimming in the huge pool afterward was the greatest.
Pepperdine pool Malibu
Melanie Renfrew swimming, Century Lake MCSP, Earth Day field trip 2012Geography field trips: priceless