Pines at Checkerboard Mesa, Zion 1-30-13 Renfrew
Opportunist for photosynthesis, gowing upside down on cave roof edge, 1-30-13 Zion
Feathery branches Zion 1-30-13 Renfrew
Manzanita in snow, Bryce 1-31-13 Renfrew
Baby pine in snow, Bryce 1-31-13 Renfrew
Cedar bark, Bryce 1-31-13
Pine on side of slope from drainage, Bryce 2-1-13 Renfrew
Manzanita and baby pine, Bryce 2-1-13
Aspens celebrating, Utah 1-31-13 Renfrew
(Yes, I took these photos 1/31 and 2/1/13.:-) Click any to enlarge.)