Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, Mp Renfrew 4-13-15 TexasTexas ones are clean, and you can get jalapeño peanut chocolates, cowboy hats and bluebonnet T-shirts.

Phoenix has the best selection of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauces.

New Orleans has the best spicy seafood.

Denver has the best exciting turbulence in afternoons.

MSP has a “Minnesota!” store decorated like a white birch woods.

Lagos let me off to bargain for a yellow Nigeria T-shirt, which Americans mix up with Nairobi.

Schipol in Amsterdam: the most exciting and unique airline store Planes@Plaza, and the best airport in Europe.

Stockholm: way cool.

I’ve been to several gravel landing strips with no structures, or an acacia thorn tree for a waiting area.

Airports to avoid:
Bombay in the middle of the night (crowded, hot, humid, smelly)

JFK (If you’re in NYC, take subways into the city to explore: get another ongoing flight.)

Hong Kong (long customs lines)

London Heathrow (ditto, but you can make friends easily if you know English)

Khartoum, Sudan (110+° F, smells like cooked animal dung, urine)
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