In a short amount of time this weekend at the Scottish Festival  (Queen Mary), then through family records, I found out a lot:
that one clan patriarch came from Tuscany in Italy,
the Donald clan has 22% Norse DNA (so far),
and that my English relatives moved to Scotland on both parents’ sides, I can guess because they sought independence from oppressive regimes.
Royces settled in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and then upstate New York,
Pattons in Virginia and then coal country (KY, WV), and
Hastings and Baileys on my mom’s side came from Southern and Eastern England, and to America.
Atlas of United_Kingdom_satellite_image, wikimedia commons

Pattons were from Shropshire near Wales, and I’d heard there was Welsh (& Danish?) in the DNA.


Realizing I have Norse (& possibly Italian) DNA just resonates with what I thought by intuition anyway. It’s called “romance” and “travel.”