1. What kind of air pressure system brings rain?
2. What kind of air pressure system brings sunny, dry weather (hint:  it brings dew, and leaves our cars dirty)?
3. What are the differences between condensation and convection?
4. Is water vapor visible?
5. What do we call water vapor in a weather report?
6. How does a “sea breeze” form, mid-day through the afternoon?
7. What is a “Catalina eddy” wind? (also called “coastal eddy”)
8. How are the East coast ocean current and West coast ocean current different?
9. What are hurricanes called in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans?
10. Which way is North from where you are sitting?  East?  West?
11. How do you know, and why is it important?
12. What kind of “climate” does L.A./Southern California have, and how is it different from Eastern states that are the same “latitude” (so get the same sun angle during the year)?
13. What are the differences between latitude and longitude?
14. What is GPS?
15. What is GIS?
16. How does the International Date Line work?  Where is it?
17. Is Europe “ahead” of us or “behind” us in Earth’s rotation?
18. How are our local native plants adapted – their leaves, roots, shapes (on San Pedro & Palos Verdes hillsides or a vacant lot)?
19. What are 3 major categories of rocks, and how does each form?
20. Is L.A. on the North American or Pacific tectonic plate?