Arrabiata is Italian for “angry,” but this “heat” is the opposite of angry, and too good not to share, made with most of what’s left from a fajita dinner: the flavors blend immediately, but you can let it simmer if you’re a purist.

Chop (cooked) steak fajitas into small bite-sized pieces.
Fry with one bag frozen chopped onions, add the side of refried beans, and cook until onions are soft.

Depending on how big the group, add 1 jar Arrabiata pasta sauce, and I added 1 jar of Ragu, too, because I like the mushrooms and touch of sweetness. Then, I added the mixed guacamole and salsa (homemade, spicy, with raw onion and a little cilantro), for just the right amount of spiciness (“medio”) (“poquito caliente”).

No need for pasta if you want to eat like chili, with chunky bread or flour tortillas.