Sunday, 3/17, 4-sunset; meet at Ladera Linda Community Center; finish at Ocean Trails overlooking Portuguese Bend beach.


Forrestal, LAHC Geography 3-18-17 Dr. Renfrew 4



Inside, we keep wanting to justify ourselves and ‘correct’ the liars; but often they won’t listen in their confusion. Sometimes it’s demonic/evil, like the perpetrators of massacres.

The real freedom comes if we embrace God’s acceptance & aim without hindrance to please Him, to sell out. I’ve been trying to do this since I was 17, but it’s a process.

I just watched “Peter and Paul” with Anthony Hopkins, about the first generation of the church, till they were killed in Rome. In January in Rome, I was touched by all the churches and how they elevated “St.” Peter, the humble fisherman.
They got lied about all the time. Matthew 5:11


but just noticed these little prism rainbows from window sunlight, God’s promise to us via Noah that “He’s with us.”

Thank you, Jesus.


Taken from the ‘Cumulus Lowe’s’

Check out the first sentence, “Offshore wind redirects here;”

and then, “The term ‘offshore wind’ refers to any wind over open water.”

3-6-19 Radar L.A. abc7
3-6-19 Radar L.A. ABC7/Accuweather

NOAA Satellite:download

ABC photo

Screen shots from NASA live TV:

I live down the street from SpaceX headquarters, and loved hearing the cheering on live NASA TV: it made me feel I was there.

pretend tower karst, star wars galaxy's edge modelDisneyland’s new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge land (model), opening in June.

Karst landforms are made from the carbonation of limestone, as in Guilin, China (here copied for movie, Mulan).



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