5 tropical circulations, 8-29-16 Earth wind map
Hurricanes Madeline, Lester in Pacific; Tropical Depression 9 in Gulf of Mexico, T.D. 8 & Hurricane Gaston in Atlantic

IMG_20160828_143437366_HDR“Back to school”


These are my son’s dogs, Iroh and Garnet:Iroh, Garnet
Iroh, Garnet in bed

This is Garnet:
Iroh jumping, Ben's phone cover 2016
Iroh as a babe:
Iroh ear boy, Nov 2015
Garnet & Iroh, Nov 2015

Art evokes,
and sometimes it’s hard to let our real feelings out. ‘Yikes.’ My friend just invited me to his birthday party in a week: the theme is ‘ridiculous,’ and he’s urging guests in lieu of gifts, to bring something ridiculous, a song, poem, story, or object.

Dr. Melanie RenfrewIt’d much easier for me to make a gift basket of things he likes, as we’ve been friends since UCLA days: that I can easily do without unshackling my inhibitions about getting the guitar out, trying to callous up my left fingertips in 1 week, and create lyrics & possibly a melody to sing before a group, a lot of whom I won’t know!

The last time I did this was ‘Lava Lovers’ Medley,’ a roast for Dr. David Sigurdson (CSUDH Geologist) at his retirement party;
and I was so terrified before, I wanted to go climb out a high window of the ladies’ room to escape. But it turned out well, and I had everyone singing the refrain by the end.
Lava’s hot.

I am redecorating my house to reduce ‘hobby clutter,’ endless-interesting-things-about-the-world, & showcase beauty that nurtures my feminine side, color & fabric, quilts & design.

To be a teacher these days, you need police skills.
Dr Renfrew SCC 109 3-16
the Harbor wetlands
(The stick has multiple uses.)

LAHC email is back on after 2 days: they are digging a lot with city and campus construction, and that can interfere with server connections.
I’ll have paper copies of these Geography syllabi during the first class; but here they are if you want to have a look, & keep a copy on your phone & computer:
2016 Fall Geog 1 Physical Geography syllabus Dr. Renfrew
2016 Fall Geog-7 World Regional Geography Syllabus Dr. Renfrew
2016 Fall Geog 15 Physical Geography Lab Syllabus, Dr. Renfrew

Dr Melanie Patton Renfrew 2016, LAHCNote to Students:
This blog is personal, & written mostly for the wider public who ‘get’ my humor. (Not everyone does.)
I never ‘stalked’ anyone: the gentleman who accused me of it came to my organization as a ‘comedy’ speaker (June 2007); and then I saw him at Knott’s that December, where I’ve had + 10 annual season passes & did not know he’d be there.  I work with dyslexic-disabled students who have spatial & map difficulties, and noticed this channel persistently and systematically called West winds in L.A., ‘East winds,’ on sunny days.

The winds reverse in L.A. & are generally ‘land breezes’ at night, sea breezes in the afternoons, as land heats up & cools off more quickly than water.  Air molecules expand when heated by the city & desert in sun, so air rises.

Coastal sea breeze

Rising air stretches air molecules apart (to lower density), drawing the ocean air in to equalize air pressure.

Wind always blows from high density/pressure to low density/pressure.

If you watch, you’ll see the patterns.

'Offshore flow' is really IN THE SIERRAS, L.A. Examiner 12-19-09It’s been a mistake in meteorological reporting for maybe 2 generations (over-generalizing upper-air or night-time regional movement [‘offshore flow’], and ignoring what most of the population experiences during the day [‘onshore’]). The ‘shore’ is a real, physical place, a.k.a. coastline, beach; & because winds around the world are named from their source, not possible destination, most people in Los Angeles think “offshore winds are from offshore.” It takes a ‘girl’ to point out West from East;
but I could not ‘break the glass ceiling,’ and they ‘threw rocks at me’ in the way nasty ‘boys’ do, insinuating I have ‘bad character,’ am ‘loose’ sexually, ‘stalking,’ like a ‘predator.’

The rewards have been from God: I got to go around the world (‘RTW’) 3 times on ‘saver award seats’ (‘Star Alliance’);
my son got a 4-year scholarship (U.C. Regents to UCSD), 4 job offers and now works as a software engineer;
I paid off my house mortgage, have no debt, save money;
beat cancer, lost 25 pounds, and have more friends than most people I know.

It’s about serving Jesus.
LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUN

Population Density in Southern California

Population Density in Southern California


People on the internet can be cruel, and we all need bounce-back skills from insults & ‘snide remarks’ (snarking):
bounce-back Bozo

Madeline, Lester Tropical storms Pacific 8-27-16

This is my brother’s dog, Denali from Alaska:
Denali 2, 10-10-13
Denali at Vail Pass
Denali at Deadman's Pass Rest Area
retrieverDuring ‘Teacher Appreciation Week,’ only 1 in 7000+ said anything.


Peach pancakes w cayenne, MP Renfrew 6-26-16Ripe peach, cut up
Pancake mix
Total or wheat flakes cereal
Little oatmeal
1 egg
Orange juice
Cayenne pepper

Good without syrup or butter;
taste better if they don’t burn.

musical note symbolfrom ‘A Little Night Music.’
Glentruim 'Guys' June 2016, MP Renfrew

Melanie Renfrew, 1-5-12 whale watch cruisegot-milk

Dr Melanie Patton Renfrew 2016, LAHCIt took 8 seconds to send and receive these: my black ink is out on my home printer, so I sent them to my school & gmail addresses as attachments so I can print at school today, & timed it to see how fast it would come back.
2016 Fall Geog 1 Physical Geography Syllabus Dr. Renfrew
2016 Fall Geog 7 World Regional Geography Syllabus Dr. Renfrew
2016 Fall Geog 15 Physical Geography Lab Syllabus, Dr. Renfrew

They are redoing pipes and water meters in my neighborhood, a construction company contracted by L.A. County. My first morning back from Texas, strange men in neon vests were digging in MY garden by the WINDOWS, very adrenaline-stoking in an in-your-turf way. It took 8 hours of loud drilling and shouting, but they soddered new pipes and re-patched the landscaping by 4.
My next-door neighbors (also avid gardeners who felt ‘invaded’ by the plant/soil destruction) have already had them working on it 3 days: the men shot their torpedo through to the backyard to burrow a trench, and it disappeared. They dug 2 big holes adjacent to the house and couldn’t find it, so they had to drill concrete.
Our land is always shifting because of earthquakes.

To be continued

Concrete from searching from the torpedo, Aug 2016

nola stats flood 2016
It makes no sense to fund re-building below sea level, or for hurricane-prone vacation homes on beaches.  I empathize, but it’s like building on the flanks of an active volcano: the soil is rich, but it’s a big gamble.
My sister’s house flooded 3x in the South Austin Onion Creek watershed, and the City of Austin finally bought her out, agreeing the houses should never have been built. I love the people of Louisiana, & a lot need to relocate and start over for survival.
New home subdivisions abutting 50-years-since-a-burn chaparral habitats are foolish, too. They are full of oil and adapted to fire.

Closer to home, new homes built on La Rotonda with ‘man-made’ ‘marine terraces’ are not worth the view (bull-dozed atop slanting folded layers toward the sea). Southern Palos Verdes Peninsula has had major landslides at Pt. Fermin/Sunken City, Paseo del Mar, Ocean Trails/Trump Golf Course, and Portuguese Bend. The geology and wave forces are the same where they’re building: it’s foolish.

In many marriages, one spouse is a risk-taker and the other worries. It is not worth buying a beautiful, risky ocean view for your loved one if she or he never feels safe sleeping.
RRaskoff's ultralite photo, South side of Palos Verdes Peninsula, Ocean Trails and Portuguese Bend

I still have hundreds of beautiful photos from the summer…

Thavorn Garden 1, Kamala Phuket, Thailand, MP Renfrew 7-16

I’ve written before how drive-by car stereos make my house shake.
When I tried on Bose headphones once at a Sharper Image, I could still hear everything in the store.
Yesterday on the plane, with full wax earplugs pushed all the way in, I could still hear every word of the Berenstein Bears read to loud children by a loud Sarah-Palin-clone mom 2 rows up; and could empathize with her frustration, but wished she could notice all the people trying to nap around them.

I have an XL skull (some hats are XXL for air flow), so headphones give me a headache.

I did research newer noise-cancellation headphones and reviews, but read that even with ears fully blocked, subwoofer wavelengths penetrate the body and can be heard in the eardrum.

This is my church.

how East German doping athletes suffer still from steroids, & warn, “It’s not worth it”,

‘Seize the day;’ do whatever God is calling you to do.

My older sister didn’t take care of her health, had several strokes, and is now in a rehab center/nursing home, with only partial responsiveness in 3 limbs.

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