Don’t trust skewed outlier data.

As seasons change and we clean up Christmas things, it’s a reminder to imagine our homes in a violent shake-up; and how can we prepare to minimize injury and maximize freedom to help others?

Stockpile water and supplies to share. It can come back to you in friendship and love when you need it.

including women! This means,

Be strong, adapt, own your choices, take responsibility and quit blaming, and help others.

I read the word, ‘woosification,’
e.g. ’60°’s’ is ‘freezing;’ but it could also be called ‘wimpification of America.’
People need to learn East from West, and watch the sky, sun and shadows!

Montecito mudslide victims are blaming the government, but they chose to buy homes by fire-prone chaparral hills.

The government did not invent rain or gravity:
man up.

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