It’s Valentine’s month, and most films have some romantic-attraction plot or ‘flavors,’ even if it’s action violence.

There are far more types of chemistry with dangling electrons than extroversion-introversion.
Some people are organized, others are not. They ‘drive each other crazy.’
Some are ‘thinkers,’ cerebral; some are openly emotional & ride a roller coaster.
Some are nurturers; others need nurturing.
Some are musical & artistic; others do not realize what they’re missing, the hidden dimensions.

The Covenant - Rainbow over Wilmington from PCH, 10-11-12 MP Renfrew

satellite image EarthI liked “Lion,” which I saw after Dev Patel won the BAFTA award Sunday and thanked them in such a heartfelt way. It’s a “geography” movie about finding childhood memories on Google Earth (which I’ve done, like traveling). Mental maps of neighborhoods are also shaped by trick-or-treating, walking to & from school, playing with school friends.

I’d just been to Melbourne & Hobart, so was stoked seeing them on the big screen (in ‘Lion’), and India. The part they showed reminded me a lot of long walks and neighborhoods in Kenya.

LA LA LandThe real stoker was La La Land. I’ve been singing the songs with YouTube (‘City of Stars’ and ‘Audition’). That’s ‘my’ on-ramp (105 to 110, W to N), ‘my’ pier with the MB structure CGI’ed out to make it generic.
Jimmy Fallon parodied it well (Golden Globe opening), and told creator and director Damien Chazelle how much he liked the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

It’s true: the emotional brokenness and vulnerability of actors’ characters are what draws us to them and make us i.d. with their humanity. For chemistry to be 2-way, electrons spin off and catch the other’s. If nothing is spin off, no connection is made.

“Better is open rebuke than hidden love.”*

I like Jimmy Kimmel because he’s so L.A., and Guillermo is like the Everyman. (He was a parking security guard, and now the quintessential sidekick, the chemistry.)

*Proverbs 27:5


Solo Deo gloria, thank God for it.

We’re all immigrants originally, even ‘Native Americans’ who migrated over the Bering land bridge.

3 Maps from
Southwestern U.S. used to be part of Mexico:

immigrants-make-america-great(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)


2/17 I like these maps; thank you NWS:
Even though our brains think of water (rain) as ‘blue’ and red as ‘fire’ or ‘heat,’ you can get the idea:
c4wmsf2wyaesdwpNWS L.A.

The new Manhattan Beach/El Segundo Peet’s on Rosecrans won an award for good reviews, so all 20 employees get to go tour coffee plantations in Costa Rica.

I liked their Holiday Blend and New Guinea Highlands roasts (ground to #4), but they didn’t have either yesterday. A very smart barista, Shannan, offered to blend Guatemala, Kenya & Sumatra beans together for me, re-creating their Holiday Blend. ┬áTHANK YOU!

Even the smell when it’s ground makes me high.
Kenyan coffee beans

Melanie Renfrew, Vatican Museum Hall of Maps, 1-15

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