Small amount of melted butter (e.g.<1 TBSP), powdered sugar, strong coffee (e.g. 2 TBSP), whole-grain pancake mix (< cup), Total or other cereal.

Mix together, fry like flapjacks.

to Marie Kondo’s minimalist dogma:
“One study by researchers at the University of Minnesota found a messy environment can make us more creative, whereas orderly surroundings make us more likely to conform to traditional expectations.

“As Albert Einstein – the owner of a notoriously messy desk – put it: ‘If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?’”

I wonder how many movies have chase scenes in parking structures.

I have really been enjoying the special features on used DVD’s, and have been hunting them down in thrift stores, libraries, & BookOff. Today the owner of Broadway video in Long Beach told me there is a current popularity of ‘All the Presidents’ Men’ about Washington Post reporters Woodward & Bernstein chasing the Nixon Watergate scandal, “because of its similarities with what is happening today.” I watched that movie maybe 4-5 times, and it was one of the scariest ever because of the music, and the way they were scared they were being followed. Their anonymous source nicknamed ‘Deep Throat’ was played by Hal Holbrook, and meetings were held in the shadows of parking structure posts in the middle of the night.

I’m currently pausing watching “The Post” about that same era of time, where Tom Hanks is playing Ben Bradlee, the lead editor of the Washington Post. (Jason Robards played him before.) I like movies where reporters expose the truth. It’s not as scary so far because there is no parking structure.
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