what you put on top.



Dec. plants to be replanted, 2012 MP Renfrew
Everyone likes plants, almost.
99-Cent-Store wastebaskets (add drainage holes with a nail) are not as strong as regular plant pots; but they’re good for gifts to people who are going to let them die anyway.I made 30+ more plant pots, 8-17-13, MP Renfrew

I made 30+ more plant pots - 2, 8-17-13, MP RenfrewSpider plants in purple wastebaskets with drainage holes, MP Renfrew, 8-18-13Succulents in mugs, MP Renfrew, 8-18-13


I just go.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment (I hadn’t seen her in 2 years), my blood work came out “great,” and she was excited I’d gone around the world a 4th time, asking my favorite countries.

The last thing she said was, “Keep traveling, to the places you go…”

So, “Doctor’s orders.”

Woolsey Fire Grows to 146 Square Miles, Enters 5th Day Amid Wind Concerns


Some of these Tweet responses are funny:


but you can see it in the Western sky behind Portuguese Bend here.

how sad people feel about the fires.

Plants will regrow, people will rebuild; but a vivid picture is of actor Martin Sheen saying he and his wife are sleeping in their car at the beach, and don’t know about their home.

Everyone needs the Lord.

I found it in Target last night, Ethiopia + Sumatra+ Guatemala this year. Other years they used Kenyan, and when it was gone, I’d ask their baristas to blend it for me, which they liked doing because they thought, “She gets it.”IMG_20181110_071615870

wood, rocks, pine, red

and in my heart.

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