and Barq’s has caffeine, so I froze it.

Crazy Rich Asians

Mammia Mia 2

Knott’s ‘grotto’

I have never played Mahjong, so I just read about it.
According to a discussion of the reversed compass seating at a Mahjong table, Chinese perceive wind directions by seasons: their order is East (warm spring wind), South (hot summer wind, bringing rain for rice), West (fall), and North (cold winter wind, the dry monsoon).
(This would be an oversimplification of day-to-day weather, but it still makes sense.)

There has been increased bird activity in my yard.

Greenwich Prime Meridian wall

At the memorial celebration for my dad, a man in a suit stood up to say,
“The one word that comes to describe him the best is ‘VALIANT.'”


I love Minnesota and Texas skies.

I think about the invisible all the time because it’s all around us, physical and spiritual. God made what is visible out of what is unseen.

I teach science and about “nature,” so I am always thinking about water vapor (invisible), avoiding U.V. light, cellular network coverage (overseas, in and out of receptivity or wifi, different bandwidths), sound waves, but also about visible spectrum color in the sky and plants, rocks and water.

As my dad has passed into the invisible, I am trying to picture him, not just in my imagination but what Scripture teaches about resurrection, no more pain, tears or dying. Is he an angel?

IMG_20180806_170816.jpgI’ll miss him but am happy for him.


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