Someone was not happy about a wet sock.

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I left the directions on if you want to go on your own, e.g. in January and the spring. At Christmas time, traffic in L.A. makes some of the freeways quite slow, so plan around traffic. Days after a rain are the best, the most clean air!

(‘Right to left’ does not count as a correct answer. Always look at the shadows, date (11/3), location (Eaton Canyon), and think where the sun is to guess compass directions from your viewpoint. Winds are named from their source/origin, not imagined destinations. :-))

I’ve been going to a great Climate Change lecture/interaction series at La Brea Tar Pits, organized by UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability (IoES) and L.A. County Natural History Museum. Last night we compared U.S and China, L.A. and Beijing.
I try to conserve energy and resources all the time, but still use plenty of water and ‘carbon,’ even with my 40 mpg stick-shift Fit. This series is not at all guilt-producing, but is still inspiring to have a global view (which is what I aim for, + a heavenly one!).

L.A.’s historical mammals are a lot like African savanna ones.
(These are my watercolors of Kenya.)

Saturday 11/11 (Veterans Day), 8-11 Solstice Canyon waterfall hike, Malibu, Santa Monica Mountains (We need to get parking spaces as soon as the gate opens, as it fills up quickly.) Wear layers & a hat, comfortable walking shoes with closed toes; and bring food, water, & a pen. (We’ll be following the main Solstice Canyon trail to the waterfall, not the TRW or Rising Sun trails.)

If you type into Google Maps, ‘Solstice Canyon,’ ‘Solstice Canyon Hiking Trail Parking, Malibu, CA 90265’ comes up on Corral Canyon Road: that is where we are meeting, on the upper side of the parking lot.:-) We’ll wait a few minutes for people to arrive, then head up the main trail. (There are restrooms.)

Solstice Canyon trail map

The Grasslands Trail trailhead is on Mulholland, just West of Las Virgenes (near ‘Sepulveda Adobe’ on the second map).
The most beautiful way to come is along the coast (405N to 10W to 1/PCH, to Malibu Canyon Road, then left on Mulholland, not 101 as the Google Maps algorithm tries to convince you to use more gas to save 5 minutes).
Park carefully along the side of Mulholland.

Malibu Canyon is a wonderful sight (from the coast driving inland)! Allow enough time to pull over on the slow-lane turnoffs to take photos on the way.

Malibu Canyon wall

(It will be browner than this, but we’ll find green near the water and in shade: and soon our rains will unleash new green growth if you want to try ‘before & after’ shots.)

Uplifted Sespe Folds, Goat Buttes



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