Melanie Renfrew, 1-5-12 whale watch cruise
Dunoon china Jane Goodwin design
Huangshan Tourism,
Cumulus in La Canada Flintridge, 3-1-15, MP Renfrew
Farmers' market berries, 4-3-13

Anatomy of a Tornado simulation, TWC AMHQ 5-20-15:
Anatomy of a Tornado simulation, TWC AMHQ 5-20-15The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is gifted at explaining things.

The frequency and duration of U.S. hurricane droughts,
Timothy Hall, Kelly Hereid, Geophysical Research Letters,

“This is the highest honor for teaching bestowed by the UCLA campus.”Melanie Renfrew, Tom Gillespie UCLA Geography 5-17-15
UCLA Friends of Geography lunch, 5-17-15

Professors Glen MacDonald (in background), Jared Diamond, William Clark, +, also received multiple awards including election to the National Academy of Sciences. Kudos!

I am still pondering and examining choices for this summer’s travel, looking for Saver Awards on’s Mileage Plus site. I have enough miles to get part way around the world, but haven’t looked up one-way flights home from there. A lot of the routing to desired destinations is through tropical and Northern-hemisphere places I’ve already gone in hot summers; but the other day I went to an Asian market in Gardena, and the way the shy cashier smiled at me sort of endeared me to going through Asia again.
I always learn so much when I’m investigating travel possibilities…

¿Dónde están los continentes?
NY TreeHugger's Earth Day image (good photos & notifications),34.26,1024

For extended forecasts, I type the location into Accuweather, e.g.,
This helps for trip planning.

Current 7-day records– National Weather Service:
LAX Airport:


L.A.Basin – Los Angeles City Center:
Long Beach:
Orange County (John Wayne) Airport /Santa Ana:

Often, I just type in the location name and ‘weather,’ and Google gives a summary (probably from, but you can’t be sure, as Google is hard to demystify).
Melanie Renfrew swimming, Century Lake MCSP, Earth Day field trip 2012

Azaleas, HG, 4-14-13
lavender tree Huntington April 14, 2013
dr. mp renfrew 4-20-13, 5
dr. mp renfrew 4-20-13, 2
dr. mp renfrew 4-20-13, 4
dr. mp renfrew 4-20-13

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