Buckwheat like the cowboys, but better…

I decided to skip leading a field trip hike this weekend; but it’s beautiful out if you want to explore on your own. There are a lot of wildflowers out.

Earth wind map, https://earth.nullschool.net/
LAX: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KLAX&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m
Torrance: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KTOA&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m
Hawthorne: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KHHR&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m

If I’m planning field trips, I check Rancho Palos Verdes for our Forrestal Canyon and Crenshaw Trail hikes, Accuweather ‘month’ predictions for Pasadena (Eaton & Millard Canyons), Calabasas (Malibu Creek – North side of the ridge, so often hotter), and Malibu (Solstice and Red Rock Canyons).
I can’t predict the traffic, but do check https://www.sigalert.com/

LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUN

RIver Taff, Cardiff, Wales, MP Renfrew
River Taff, Cardiff, Wales
RIver Usk, Brecon, Wales, MP Renfrew
River Usk, Brecon, Wales
Afon Cynrig, tributary to RIver Usk near Brecon, Wales, MP Renfrew
Afon Cynrig near Cefn Cantref and Llanfrynach, tributary to River Usk
Ferry cross the Mersey, Liverpool, England, July 2015 MP RenfrewFerry cross the Mersey, Liverpool, England
Solo paddler on Liverpool canal, MP Renfrew
Drainage meander into Mersey 2, MP Renfrew
Drainage meander into Mersey 1, MP Renfrew
'Burn' by Prince's House, tributary to Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew‘Burn’ (Gaelic allt, stream/fresh water) tributary to Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan, Scotland
Waterfall on 'burn' Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew 1
Waterfall on 'burn' Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew 2
Drainage to Callop RIver, Loch Shiel, Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew
Drainage to Callop River and Loch Shiel
Callop River 1, Glenfinnan, MP RenfrewCallop
Callop River 2, Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew
Callop River 3, Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew
Tributary to Spey 1, MP Renfrew
Tributaries and River Spey near Newtonmore, Kingussie, Drumguish, Laggan
Drumguish Tributary to Spey, MP Renfrew 1
Drumguish Tributary to Spey, MP Renfrew 2
River Spey near Laggan, Scotland, MP Renfrew
River Calder, Newtonmore, MP Renfrew Glen hike 7-15-15
River Calder near Newtonmore
on way to Glenfinnan 8, 7-11-15 MPR
Still looking for location (I took these from fast-moving, high open train window in latter part of Glasgow-Fort William journey: I think it’s Spean River before Roybridge, but can’t match these with any posted on Google Images)
on way to Glenfinnan 7, 7-11-15 MPR


Saturday at Forrestal Canyon, Ocean Trails, a temperature inversion as the top of P.V. warms up first:

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