Quiz: Which way is West?

2017 Summer Geog 1 Physical Geography Syllabus Dr. Renfrew

because it doesn’t use the word ‘offshore.’ Thank you, National Weather Service Los Angeles.

NWS heat wave prediction June 2017

In this diagram, it would be ‘lefting.’

When people challenge in seriousness or jest, often it’s because they’re scared the boat will sink with the person on the other end drowning.
A.K.A. teeter-totter, seesaw, point-counterpoint,
thesis-antithesis, cyclone-anticyclone (i.e. winding & unwinding air to alleviate ‘dizzying’ from centripetal force),
yin & yang, Tory-Labour, Rep-Dem, red-blue, conserv-lib,
protagonist-antagonist, West-East, acid-alkaline, etc.
It’s ‘chemistry’ where electrons spin out
& are attached or rejected by + & – charges.


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