I guess it’s the season;

Santa Ana winds blew off my hat.

UCLA Geography hike, Santa Monica Mountains near Rocky Oaks

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I’ve been super busy with extra events, but Friday is ‘supposed to be’ cooler. I love 60’s weather; but a stretch of 80’s-90’s is scheduled to return Saturday into next week. If I decide to lead a hike on short notice, watch your school email and this blog: I’ll post the info.

(Women everywhere are speaking out about unacceptable behavior by men, which we are blamed for. Breaking silence about it helps release others to unshackle the genuine pain and false blame about it, #MeToo.)

When I was a senior in college, I stopped the car behind my house, and instantly a thug climbed in the driver’s door and pushed me over: he wore a nylon stocking over his head to squash his features. He kept punching me, and I cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” as a plea for help. I’d immediately sensed an angel and demonic force were fighting over me, and evil must flee in Jesus’ name.

He said “Shut up!,” paused for a second, then threatened, “Do you want me to kill you?” I wondered if he had a knife or gun.

I called out, “Jesus, help!” Within seconds, I was able to escape, and he took off.

There are many other things, ludicrous, ridiculous, insulting, that women experience all the time from men. I forgive the ones who’ve hurt me, and have a peaceful conscience before God that I was never to blame. He also forgives mistakes, like sometimes foolishly trusting people who are not to be trusted.


(I’ve never been inside these doors.)

Parent maples at top of hill:

Come this afternoon if you like the ‘feeling of a desert.’
Meet at the southern end of Crenshaw, just beyond the barrier (to left of Burrell Lane) overlooking the V-shaped canyon and ocean (before the red indicator in map below). It may take a few minutes to park.

Bring twice as much water as you think you’ll need, as this is desert air from the NE. NE winds blow dry air out to sea, then bring it back in again; adiabatic heating warms it up.
Wear closed-toed shoes, a hat or cap with brim, sunglasses, and bring a light layer for cooler winds as it becomes shady.


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