all in Wellington, NZ 1-17-17

Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 9
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 10
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 1
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 2
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 3
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 4
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 5
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 6
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 7
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 7
Melanie Renfrew 3-31-16 8

Spring green in July, MP Renfrew 2013
Yellow-green growth response to rain , 12-15-14, MP Renfrew
I like this green, Descanso, mprenfrew
Deciduous spring green in July after rains, Bethel, St. Paul-Arden Hills, MN 7-18-12, mprenfrew
New growth, Kissimmee swamp, 1-30-14, MP Renfrew
Regrowth, DeLeo Springs State Park, MP Renfrew, 2-2014
Spring growth, riparian ribbon, Malibu Creek State Park, 4-23-12
Spring moss, new growth, Yosemite 2012, mprenfrew
Willow new growth response to rain 1, 12-15-14, MP Renfrew
Poplar spring growth Yosemite MMPRenfrew, 4-6-15
I gave it too much coffee - pine growth from nitrogen, MPR

Solo Deo gloria.

I took this photo (of “offshore”) on Mother’s Day.

The water is either expanding & condensing or evaporating & disappearing, depending on microclimate characteristics.

Cork, Ireland garden sign

among the rocks; & the peaches just bloomed this afternoon…

(high branch tips)

(Coffee grounds are good fertilizer.)


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