in Dubai.

At home in Texas, he works with R.O.C.K., Ride On Center for Kids, Healing Thru Horses.

A US Air Force Search And Rescue Pilot as a career, I felt close to him watching those SAR rescues from inside the helicopter, during Hurricane Harvey floods.

without looking at the map or signs.

Always a good spatial challenge.

I dared to point out winds were from the West, when weathermen kept saying,
“We are having ‘East’ winds.’

It’s a guy thing.

Winds along the SHORE.


“Winds 100 mph, gusting to 131 mph”

Follow detour around 25th St. construction through Smart & Final lot on corner of Western & 25th. Meet at Ladera Linda Community Center, 32201 Forrestal Dr, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. We are following the trail directly uphill from the community center to the quarry bowl.

This is a good huff-and-puff hike with some uphill sections, and has beautiful views of the ocean. Please wear light layered clothing, sun protection, and comfortable shoes; bring water and snacks, and something to write with.  9-Noon.
Here are some photos from past hikes here:

(We are not contrail conspiracy theorists.)

At the end, we usually go across the street and take a closer look at Portuguese Bend.

My colleague Richard Raskoff took this photo from his ultra-light, and thought, “That’s where Melanie teaches.”

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Always an adventure…