Mel's backyard after rain, Gardena 3-1-15
Wandering Jew growing along fence, MP Renfrew 3-2-15
Peach buds, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
Lily, cedar, pine,Mel's backyard 3-2-15
Melanie's strawberries 3-2-15
View from my kitchen window:
View from my window, 3-2-15 MP Renfrew

Yesterday from 11:30-3:30, I was able to make a dry circle around L.A. Basin from West L.A. to the Eastern San Gabriels, admiring clouds and taking photos; and then noticed on both CBS and ABC, the indoor reporters in the studio announced on last night’s 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. news,
“It rained all day long in L.A. today” (Sunday, March 1, see below).

Los_Angeles_Basin_JPLLandsatI guess, like NBC, they live in a different L.A. than we do in L.A. BASIN,
and also Oxnard, who imagines L.A. but I’m not sure if they come here to see that real ‘offshore flow’ at ground level is when Low pressure is overhead.
It’s funny, and I keep telling students over and over,
“Triple-check before you turn it in.”

Hey, Fritz, how’s it going?”

I’ve told The Weather Channel and Accuweather every year, but just can’t stand to watch if they slaughter it: it breaks my heart and reminds me students don’t listen, either.

Students, stay in school; and buy those Earth Textbooks stacked in the bookstore: we’re on the 4th week; it’s time.

Weather Conditions for:
Los Angeles / USC Campus Downtown, CA (KCQT)

Elev: 184 ft; Latitude: 34.01667; Longitude: -118.28333

Time Temp. Wind Wind Precip Precip Precip Quality
Direction Speed 1 hour 3 hour 6 hour Control
(PST) (f) (mph) (inches) (inches) (inches)
01 Mar 9:20 pm PST 54 NNE 5 T OK
01 Mar 9:04 pm PST 54 VRBL 5 OK
01 Mar 8:47 pm PST 55 NNE 5 OK
01 Mar 8:44 pm PST 55 NNE 5 OK
01 Mar 7:47 pm PST 55 CALM OK
01 Mar 6:47 pm PST 55 VRBL 3 OK
01 Mar 5:47 pm PST 57 CALM OK
01 Mar 4:47 pm PST 57 NW 3 OK
01 Mar 3:47 pm PST 59 W 6 OK
01 Mar 2:47 pm PST 62 VRBL 6 OK
01 Mar 1:47 pm PST 62 SE 8 OK
01 Mar 12:47 pm PST 62 SE 7 OK
01 Mar 11:47 am PST 62 ESE 8 OK
01 Mar 10:47 am PST 60 E 7 OK
01 Mar 9:47 am PST 59 VRBL 3 OK
01 Mar 8:47 am PST 57 VRBL 5 OK
01 Mar 7:47 am PST 53 CALM OK
01 Mar 6:47 am PST 52 CALM OK
01 Mar 5:47 am PST 53 ESE 5 OK
01 Mar 4:47 am PST 53 CALM OK
01 Mar 3:47 am PST 53 CALM OK
01 Mar 3:42 am PST 53 CALM OK
01 Mar 2:47 am PST 54 E 3 OK
01 Mar 1:47 am PST 54 E 5 OK
01 Mar 12:47 am PST 55 ESE 5 OK

Cloud banks in North from 405 near LAX, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
Culver City:
Culver City clouds, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
Downtown L.A.:
Looking NE from 10E at San Gabriel Mtns. Clouds, downtown L.A., 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
Downtown L.A., cumulus in San Gabriels, 3-1-15 noon MP Renfrew
Northeast L.A. between Glendale and Pasadena, near Eagle Rock:
Tonawanda Ave. Highland Park, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
La Canada Flintridge:
La Canada FLintridge view, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew
Pasadena & San Gabriels:
Pasadena, San Gabrield clouds, 3-1-15 MP Renfrew

Thanks to Jim Cantore in Atlanta’s Twitter, endless source of beautiful retweeted photos:
Rick Dickert at SkyFox’s:
Time-lapse video:

blue_and_black_tiger_stripes_shower_curtainor white and gold?

Cumulus in La Canada Flintridge, 3-1-15, MP Renfrew

Dr. Melanie Patton Renfrew, Santa Monica Bay, Nov. 2012I can write about this because my mom is in heaven where there is no crying or pain. When I was conceived, she was preparing for her Ph.D. orals in psychology at U.C. Berkeley, was nauseated* and ambivalent, & had had a couple of miscarriages since my older sister’s birth. It was the Baby Boom, we lived in Berkeley, and my dad worked in Oakland and San Francisco, so commuted. (*She only mentioned this when I was quite sick with 2 pregnancies, the first 4 months.)

I was close with my mom once I became a Christian and grew out of my rebellious stage; and they moved from Duluth, MN, to Brownsville, TX, so I didn’t live with them except a couple of seasons in between.

When moms are ambivalent about pregnancies for multiple reasons, meaning not cherishing or adoring the baby within, the spirit and psyche of the little fetus can absorb it,
and also if the mom is preoccupied, as most moms of the world become because of ‘life.’ My mom did not pass her oral exams, other things happened, I have a middle-child-type feeling; and as we grew up, we all became independent and travel the world like my dad. It is a gift to have developed this skill.

My mom became the sweetest lady on the planet; and since Oct. 11 when she went to heaven, I’m sure she’s said nice things to several hundred people up there!

A week ago, I had brunch with 2 dads of teen daughters, adopted as babies from different countries, and both dads felt bad they couldn’t do more to make them feel happy, secure, directed, inspired.

I have had very close friends who were adopted, and they also struggle with a lifelong feeling of, “Am I wanted?”

The Good News is “YES!” God adopts us and re-parents us as we are His Beloved. He makes us far more secure and loved than any human can.

I am so “blessed,” lucky, favored, grateful to have a great dad who’s still alive and kickin’, who loves me a lot; and I just passed my February 27 re-birthday when I was ‘born again’ at age 17, the first time I prayed to Messiah Yeshua and invited Him in to my heart.

Everyone can know Him: it’s what we are created for.
jesus movie holding girl Brian DeaconJesus crowned by thorns, Christian Bale in Mary, Mother of JesusBruce Marchiano Jesus Visual Bible Matthew

Movie and artists’ conceptions of the Lord. (Photos from ‘Jesus’ movie, ‘Mary, Mother of Jesus,’ ‘Visual Bible Matthew,’ ‘Son of God,’ and the Lithuanian girl ‘Akiane,’ who painted the left portrait below of Jesus she saw during a near-death experience.)
Akiane Lithuanian girl's painting of Jesusjesus nail hole, Bible series History Channel

Hi, both field trips went really well and were very beautiful! My camera was buried until the end (double-wrapped to avoid possible rain damage, under the cake and extra rain gear), so I am waiting till class to ask students if they can send me their photos of the group.

Photo not availableAt Malibu Creek, the funniest part for me was going in the Rock Pool because of what the “Warriors” Boy Scouts were saying to me from the shore: it’s as if they were smitten with admiration at how I walked in the water with jeans and boots on, and wish they could, too. It wasn’t that cold, & felt refreshing.

You have to show ‘em how it’s done.

We’ll meet by the top right of this map at the trailhead of Grasslands Trail:
Malibu Creek State Park mapMalibu Creek Rock Pool 2/27 7 p.m. Friday night update: Here’s the deal. Malibu Creek is so beautiful that I’m going to lead the field trip at 10 a.m. tomorrow even though there is about a 50% chance of showers in Calabasas (the North side of the Santa Monica Mountains nearby) about noon. We’ll start at the Grasslands Trail trailhead by 27000 Mulholland Highway, 0.15 mile West of Las Virgenes Road on the left, park on shoulder of road.
(Do not just “google it” in the morning because another site takes you to a different location.) Trailhead coordinates: 34.103394, -118.713806 (34° 06′ 12.21″N 118° 42′ 49.70″W)

Only come if you love beauty and adventure, have a good attitude, and like being outdoors, and don’t mind if we need to duck under a large umbrelliferous coast live oak tree if there’s a sprinkle or shower.
We’ll walk over to the Rock Pool and may see some rock climbers; and decide based on the sky about hiking over the hill to go to Century Lake. I like to swim in this lake, but it will be too cold.

Part of this trip is to go by both the Malibu Creek Visitors’ Center (opens at 12) to see exhibits + their fun video about films made there; and then to the nearby Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitors’ Center at 26876 Mulholland Highway, Calabasas, CA, 91302

Bring waterproof raincoat, poncho or windbreaker and umbrella, wear warm layers with a cool one underneath, and bring food, water & cameras. You may want to bring a towel and dry clothes as a backup in your car: I always have extra warm clothes (about 4 coats) in the trunk for emergencies.:-)
(There is no restroom at the trailhead, so leave by 8:30 if you if you drink coffee & want to make a brief stop; there are fast food places on the right on PCH in Malibu.)

I like to travel, and we have so many beautiful places nearby that are like other places in the world. We may get wet, we may get in traffic; but if we just skip it, we’ll miss an opportunity. Cool weather is good for hiking.:-)
MASH siteMalibuCreekStatePark, Dr.MelanieRenfrew
Malibu Creek uphill from Rock Pool, 9-11-11 Lab class
Melanie Renfrew swimming, Century Lake MCSP, Earth Day field trip 2012

Ben's computerThis was his first;
he said, “It’s like Legos.” He uses this one, and this next one is for his fiancée.
I asked if he felt apprehensive making the tiny connections, if it would work?

“Every time.”He's like the Auggie Anderson character, Nov. 2013

God is so artistic.
Pink silhouettes, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015
Sunset silhouettes, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015
Peach, pink silhouettes, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015
Pink, purple, peach silhouettes, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015
Peach silhouettes 1, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015
Peach silhouettes 2, MP Renfrew Feb. 2015

Cumulus congestus 2-23-15 MP Renfrew

Forrestal Canyon field trip, 2-22-15. Dr. Renfrew LAHC GeographyThanks to Elroy Johnson for this group shot!
Our Forrestal Canyon field trip yesterday felt like Scotland or England. We got pretty wet.
Forrestal 2-22-15 MP Renfrew
Forrestal 2, 2-22-15 MP Renfrew
Forrestal 2-22-15, Elroy Johsnon taking photo

adrien brody pianist 2I don’t like war movies as I’m too sensitive, internalizing the shown violence, so it’s not ‘recreation.’ (The exception is if it’s just ridiculous, or expected & unreal.) I can’t stand things about Nazi concentration camps unless it is truly full of hope and doesn’t show everything.

I remember when The Pianist won Academy Awards, but I’d never seen it, and the last 45 minutes were on the other night. That is a good time to join a troubling movie which you’ve heard has redemption in it. Adrien Brody’s character, wounded Polish pianist Władysław Szpilman (it’s a true story), was hobbling around a bombed Warsaw ghetto looking for food and shelter. I watched with apprehension, drawn in.

I went to Warsaw in 2013, now rebuilt, and to the Jewish Museum. I also went to the Jewish Museum in Vienna on a 1-afternoon stopover on the way there, and liked both. Out of suffering come art, profound depth, comedy and redemption if people can find it in their hearts to forgive and not stay ‘stuck.’

adrien brody pianistI came upon the scene when a German officer finds Szpilman trying to open a can a pickles, starving, and queries him about his profession. When he says he’s a pianist, he leads him into a room with a grand piano, and he plays Chopin’s Ballade in G minor. The real Adrien Brody had lost 29 pounds and learned to play Chopin for the part; and it was so moving, I think I’ll remember it the rest of my life. I’ve thought about it ever since. The officer was so moved, he let Szpilman hide, and started bringing him food. When he thanks him, the German says, “Thank God.”
Szpilman, Brody

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