I’d planned to climb Pen y Fan on Sunday, when locals do, so have my B&B booked in Brecon 2 nights.
However, I’m not Jim Cantore, and lightning/thunderstorms are predicted 82% in the morning. Maybe tomorrow or Monday?

BBC Pen y Fan in Brecon Beacons
http://www.bbc.co.uk, ‘Wales Nature’

map E WalesNo risk, no reward.

One of my eyes has a cataract (working in tropics 4+ years plus life outdoors U.V.), so the vision is at a blur at normal reading distance; and if I pull my nice, laminated, detailed map up close, the eyes switch until about 3″ away, I can see.

Shadowlands Golden ValleyOscar measuring the divergent boundaryI had always thought C.S. Lewis’ Shadowlands Golden Valley which Joy Gresham admired was Yorkshire Dales of James Harriot’s vet stories (which our cat Oscar is named after), and Taylors of Harrogate tea, so that had been 1 of my planned stops between Liverpool and Scottish highlands.

Instead, it’s Hay-on-Wye in Herefordshire, here near Wales, a national Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,

DOWNTONABBEY_SEASON5_I was in Reading, and should have looked first to see that Downton Abbey’s Highclere Castle is close, instead of in Yorkshire. Wales inns are quite full this weekend with English travelers seeking getaways; and when I was studying the map, realized Jane Austen’s Bath is not far from here, too (where they go in Persuasion with Ciarian Hinds).

So many places, so little time.

Garth Hill, cavinguk.co.uk

Garth Hill, cavinguk.co.uk

I wanted to hike up either North Cardiff’s Ffynnon Garw (Garth Mountain) or ‘Gyrn Moelfe,’ where ‘The Englishman who went up a Hill but came down a Mountain’ was filmed, pretending it was Ffynnon Garw, but was mixing up
Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain for LLanthaeadr-ym-Mochnant
and Llanfyllen for LLansilin, both near Oswestry.
Gyrn Moelfre, geograph.org.uk

This has become a paragliding site, as the beautiful view is like Yorkshire Dales:
gyrn_moelfre_north_wales, Steve's paragliding
However, Pen y Fan (below with Corn DU) has easier access, the 405 of climbing trails to the highest mountain summit in southern U.K., where 3 Special Forces soldiers died in training on a hot, humid July day. So tomorrow I’m headed to Brecon Beacons for 2 nights because I can pronounce it.

Pen y Fan, Corn Dubike


Spring green in July, MP Renfrew 2013
Yellow-green growth response to rain , 12-15-14, MP Renfrew
I like this green, Descanso, mprenfrew
Deciduous spring green in July after rains, Bethel, St. Paul-Arden Hills, MN 7-18-12, mprenfrew
New growth, Kissimmee swamp, 1-30-14, MP Renfrew
Regrowth, DeLeo Springs State Park, MP Renfrew, 2-2014
Spring growth, riparian ribbon, Malibu Creek State Park, 4-23-12
Spring moss, new growth, Yosemite 2012, mprenfrew
Willow new growth response to rain 1, 12-15-14, MP Renfrew
Poplar spring growth Yosemite MMPRenfrew, 4-6-15
I gave it too much coffee - pine growth from nitrogen, MPR

98° F at Heathrow Airport

Tea-Party1I have kind of a fantasy about ‘English tea’ or “afternoon tea’ (also called ‘high tea,’ but that really meant a ‘farm supper’ before it became an upper-class, elegant event). For me, the fantasy or image of it is being around people with manners and British accents in flowery surroundings, and drinking from feminine, fragile china (not functional in earthquake-land, and far scrimpier than generous mugs I have at home: a teapot requires far more labor refilling a small cup to get the same amount). Slowing down is part of the experience, being ‘off work;’ which like having a beer, is the real fantasy.

I don’t have sugar in hot drinks, but like tea and coffee with milk; thus it’s nice to have something delectable to pair with them. Scones and cream are rare in my life; and my ancestors were dairying people. Some scones just have that high-soda, high-butter-but-still-dry taste; and some people like clotted-almost-sour-cream with them and sweet tea to pair. I like the cream itself to be a little sweet.

Last night as I wandered the streets of Cardiff, I found a bakery with a glass case showing muffins with more blueberries and raspberries than I’d ever seen. Berries are part of the fantasy. Not an impulse buyer, I had to walk around to think about it, as I wanted to save that ‘niche’ to have afternoon tea at lunchtime (still with time to walk it off :-)). I walked over to the cinemas and surveyed the made-in-L.A. movie choices (e.g. San Andreas, which I’m still thinking of seeing so I can make fun of it); but decided those berry muffins must be better than any scones in the U.K. So I bought a box of them to share; and my dinner last night came with ice cream that I let melt; and this morning, had the best scone-alternative-with-sweet-cream in the land. UK satellite view

‘Fad’ means ‘fade.’ The ‘social media environment’ is here to stay, but I wonder how long people will live with illusions that someone will fall in love with them because of what they share on their sites. I see faces everywhere as they’re ‘trolling’ with their fingers on touch screens, disappointed & almost desperate, both genders.

I forgot my camera in the rush, and it’s a relief because it tied me to this blog, and showing others what I’m doing. Instead, I’ll take photos as art, and memories for myself and a few others, how ‘Facebook’ started. Instead, people everywhere feel unloved & unfulfilled sharing themselves and not getting a response. People don’t find a genuine soul mate by things shared online, but by sensing someone’s presence near them.

I never joined Facebook because I could not possibly keep up with everyone I’ve ever known and loved in CA, MN, TX, CO, FL, OR, OH, AZ, MO, NE, Kenya, Egypt, Guam, Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine, Thailand, and China. (Mexicans I know and love are in CA.:-)) These are places where I know people I’ve loved, and they love me.

The only things that made me feel sort of left out were when my former (rarely expressive) husband sends a friendly message to my dad; and when my brother asked on email how I felt about my son getting engaged? He and his fiancée’s 262 Facebook ‘friends’ heard the news first…

God of heaven speaks to every person’s conscience, but we humans become warped because of fallen human nature (jaded, numbed, twisted, confused). People lose sight of what’s loving and what’s not.

The profit motive imparts a value on what is ‘good’ business practice or ‘legal,’ and what is ‘bad’ or ‘fair.’

In the end, we must face God.

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