including women! This means,

Be strong, adapt, own your choices, take responsibility and quit blaming, and help others.

I read the word, ‘woosification,’
e.g. ’60°’s’ is ‘freezing;’ but it could also be called ‘wimpification of America.’
People need to learn East from West, and watch the sky, sun and shadows!

Montecito mudslide victims are blaming the government, but they chose to buy homes by fire-prone chaparral hills.

The government did not invent rain or gravity: man up.

off the beaten track

I was terribly embarrassed when my school put up an advertising billboard with ‘Education Changes Everything’ and a slaughtered, misshapen North America ‘map.’ Clearly the artist (and our marketing decider) had no eye for maps or ‘geography.’
But this week I got a ‘Holiday card’ from UCLA Geography with an axial-tilt globe ornament image that also was skewed: the 2 poles did not completely line up; Britain’s & Italy’s coastal slants were swinging.

When I went to National Geographic Society headquarters in D.C., their wall map of ‘development’ was also like an artist’s creation, made up; and no one there ‘caught it,’ maybe because they were sure the public wouldn’t notice: it was above eye level.

It thus made it less of a museum, and more of an art gallery put together by curators or interns who did not study geography.

I hiked to the MASH filming site Tuesday at Malibu Creek State Park, there is no longer a sign for the turnoff to Century Lake, and people kept walking the length of the park, phones in hand with bewildered looks, hoping to get a signal.

I asked 2, “Do you know where you are?”
“Where are you headed?”
“The lake.”

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