Scotch pine branches, MP Renfrew 7-15 Glenfinnan
WHOOOO, Branch scars on birch, Glenfinnan, MP Renfrew

Dendritic 1 sunset, MP Renfrew 1-18-15
Spider-web-like broken window, Glentruim, MPR

My friend on Friday night was barefoot in shorts; and compared to their warm kitchen, when he walked out with us, teased and said,
“It’s freezing,” about the cooler, moist air from the ocean.

Reading on my car thermometer: 68° F.

I was fascinated with the sacred, international expression at yesterday’s royal wedding, overflowing cheering of outdoor crowds, and love. I listened to BBC commentary about how their “21 is perfect!” (21° C = 69.8° F),
“in contrast to the SCORCHING 24” Celsius of another royal wedding a few years ago.

24° C = 75.2° Fahrenheit

I took this photo (of “offshore”) on Mother’s Day.

The way to be smart is study real nature.

like geezers and their cars….

The water is either expanding & condensing or evaporating & disappearing, depending on microclimate characteristics.

#DirectionalDyslexia #OnlyInL.A.

(afogato decaf espresso on the West side, facing North)

Cork, Ireland garden sign

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