If L.A.’s winds are genuinely from East to West, LAX airport flights reverse their takeoff pattern and fly into the East winds for thrust.
glass of water
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santa ana winds warning 10-15-18
10-15-18, @nwslosangeles

My older ones are “threadbare”…

If God loves our feet, so should we?

(See Isaiah 52:7)

for the 75K property tax exemption,

but I’m trying to convince her not to. In Austin (Onion Creek neighborhood), her house flooded 3 times; and I’d think that would be enough up-close-and-personal water for a lifetime.


At 10 tonight on the way home, I paused at Crenshaw and thought of turning North a bit just to tell SpaceX employees (often walking to and from the building), “CONGRATULATIONS” for “sticking the landing!”  Most were up at Vandenberg Air Force Base, ‘ecstatic’:

See also https://mobile.twitter.com/Gregtucson/status/1049158562122006528.

Dig it.

Rain turned out to be La Nada, but we can still pray for H2O.


Hi, if any Lab students are considering hikes, they’re hunting a gunman in Malibu Creek, so skip that as a possibility.

One time when I was hiking there, 5 black-hooded ninjas burst out of the bushes.
They said it was a commercial.




L.A. Basin looked like an ocean inlet with the marine layer.IMG_20180930_202156

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