Seeing Carolina people helping in the floods is inspiring; and there was a flash flood watch for P.V., Wilmington, Torrance and San Pedro tonight when an outpouring cumulonimbus was parked over it. We need to be ready for El Niño. A long extender pole with a hook? Rope? Personal flotation devices in my car to share?

P.V. hill from the East
rainbow 10-5-15
In front of my house
rainbow over Brenda's house
This is my friend’s house.

Melanie's fall forest, 9-28-15, MP Renfrew
yeast hole in pumpkin bagel, MPR
Einstein Bros Pumpkin Walnut crunch bagel w yeast holes

Carson: “Future Unlimited”

Torrance: “Balanced City”

Redondo Beach: “People Entertaining People”

Manhattan Beach: “Progressius, Progressius”

El Segundo: “The Second”

San Pedro: “San Pedro”

Harbor Wetlands: “Maybe The Skunks Won’t Get You”

Gardena: “Where No Panther Is Left Behind”

Lawndale: “CVS On Every Corner”

Joaquin 10-4-15Joaquin cone 10-3-15 NOAA


Melanie's fall forest, 9-28-15, MP RenfrewMaple flowers, Descanso Gardens, 4-15-12, mprenfrew
Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo 2
Big Bear - 3

“make it hang a right…”

Joaquin forecast 10-1-15 image

Move over, Mrs. Shrek
Mrs. Shrek karaoke

Morulem w. Ekuwam, interviewing
Turkana family, Lokori

1. That we in L.A. will get rain,
2. for hurricane Joaquin to hang a sharp right and go out to sea.
He doesn't need it, being omniscient and all

“10/4, Good buddy!”

TropicalTidbits hurricane Joaquin tracks 9-30-15

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