That’s what the National Weather Service and TV meteorologists call our High pressure systems, when there are no clouds and it’s hot and dry. When it stays warm and dry at night, even though it’s been windy all afternoon, they say on TV, “It’s the ‘OFFSHORE PUSH’ that is keeping the temperatures warm.” Men like to talk about pushing.

Hawthorne location, CA mapI live near Hawthorne and Torrance. Notice the temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and speed, which are all very typical of High pressure, which they call “OFFSHORE FLOW” (always in capital letters).

Weather Conditions for:
Hawthorne, Hawthorne Municipal Airport, CA (KHHR)

Elev: 62 ft; Latitude: 33.92361; Longitude: -118.33194

Time Temp.  Rel. Humidity Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f) (%)
28 Aug 8:53 pm PDT 76 45 WSW 8
28 Aug 7:53 pm PDT 81 21 W 10
28 Aug 6:53 pm PDT 82 25 W 12
28 Aug 5:53 pm PDT 83 26 W 9, Gust 18
28 Aug 4:53 pm PDT 86 18 WNW 12
28 Aug 3:53 pm PDT 82 43 W 14
28 Aug 2:53 pm PDT 82 44 W 15
28 Aug 1:53 pm PDT 84 31 W 13, Gust 21
28 Aug 12:53 pm PDT 84 38 WSW 13
28 Aug 11:53 am PDT 84 38 WSW 9
28 Aug 10:53 am PDT 83 44 SW 5
28 Aug 9:53 am PDT 82 46 W 3
28 Aug 8:53 am PDT 79 49 CALM
28 Aug 7:53 am PDT 73 66 CALM
28 Aug 6:53 am PDT 71 61 CALM
28 Aug 5:53 am PDT 70 64 CALM

Torrance almost ALWAYS has all-West winds during “OFFSHORE FLOW”:

Weather Conditions for:
Torrance, Zamperini Field Airport, CA (KTOA)

Elev: 102 ft; Latitude: 33.80; Longitude: -118.33333

Time Temp. Rel. Humidity Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f) (%)
28 Aug 7:47 pm PDT 77 41 NW 12
28 Aug 6:50 pm PDT 81 30 WNW 16
28 Aug 4:47 pm PDT 88 15 W 17 Gust 25
28 Aug 3:47 pm PDT 90 17 W 17 Gust 23
28 Aug 2:55 pm PDT 90 20 W 20
28 Aug 2:47 pm PDT 90 17 W 17
28 Aug 1:55 pm PDT 86 29 WNW 17
28 Aug 12:47 pm PDT 84 48 WNW 17
28 Aug 10:47 am PDT 82 55 WNW 12
28 Aug 9:47 am PDT 81 58 NW 9
28 Aug 8:58 am PDT 79 61 SSW 7
28 Aug 7:47 am PDT 73 74 NW 6

I almost had to go to jail for this, and I am not making this up.  Weathermen do not like women,* especially ones who point out correct directions, and will do or say anything to silence them, especially dyslexic types.


*They do like ‘gals’ or ‘babes.’


waves, breakersGood viewing sites near Harbor College are the southern end of Pacific in San Pedro, White Point near the southern end of Western, Royal Palms State Beach, and Ocean Trails near South Shores. They are so beautiful and magnificent: don’t miss it, as they should subside by/on Friday. (I do not recommend trying to go to Malibu or Orange County because of crowds and traffic.)

L.A. O.C. coastal shelf

He doesn't need it, being omniscient and allgiant wave

Yet another 'OFFSHORE FLOW' day, MP Renfrew 7-21-14
Current 7-day records– National Weather Service:
L.A.Basin – Los Angeles City Center:

“Shore” locations – coastal strip:
Santa Monica:

The Beach cities generalize to LAX Airport in the center: (I use LAX records as representative of L.A. Basin/L.A. region’s “SHORE.”)

Long Beach:
Orange County (John Wayne) Airport – “Santa Ana”:

San Diego County Coastal Areas:

Ventura County Coast (Oxnard Airport):

Santa Monica Mountains/Malibu Hills:

“Inland Valleys”:
San Fernando ValleyNorthern – San Fernando (Camp 9):
SE SFV – Burbank Airport:
SW SFV – Chesebro:
San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena, Covina, etc.) – Santa Fe Dam:
San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys -The Inland Empire (Riverside /March Air Force Base):

Marine Mammals party:

Someone has to understand things.

United_Airlines_Embraer_EMB-170It helps to know how to ask for what you’d like.
I am not pushy or demanding, but polite.
3 of the last 4 flights, I was able to get a different seat at the gate just by asking nicely. I like aisles to drink a lot (not booze), but windows to ogle the clouds and sunsets. The last 2 flights I got a window AND an aisle, way cool.

Then I don’t have to talk to anybody.

Desert geometry, MP Renfrew Aug. 2104

NWS Warning against high surf Aug. 25 So-facing L.A. beaches

Hurricane Marie, rough surf Aug. 25 2014 Accuweather image

For California readers: Let it be a reminder to store water, batteries, supplies, cash, food, sturdy shoes in your bedroom (if glass breaks), and take down heavy and breakable things that could be weapons in an earthquake. Just be ready. I was at a friend’s last year and one of her bookcase statues fell down and hit me during an earthquake. Moral: don’t sit under statues.

Note: Earthquakes are NOT caused by the weather. Don’t believe everything you hear.

“Buoyancy” = hope, persistence, courage, cheerful forgiveness, happiness
“Heavy biomass” = morose gravity, critical cynicism, jealousy, envy, blame

See below.

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