They are one with Noah’s, so it’s not a competition.
Manhattan Beach Bagel is great when I’m getting my Toyota serviced.

I drove a rented Nissan Versa last week, saw a sign for one for $9999, and thought that’s the kind of car I like; but I want a stick shift, and a trunk for earthquake supplies, hide student papers, and entropy out of view.

Dr. Melanie carrying her luggage in EuropeYou never know what you might need, like a lady’s purse, the black hole in feminine consciousness.

When you travel, 2 backpacks and secret clothing do the trick.

raccoon eating grapes All my guavas are ripe.  A giant raccoon (bigger than photo) made a terrible racket walking through the deliberately-overgrown hedge about midnight, and this time I had enough courage to scare him away.

I’m going to name him, “Goliath.”

Do they want us to slow down?

The noisy neighbors were evicted to leave Oct. 1, but they begged to stay another month.  I just returned from time with my family, and it was a bit overwhelming.  Everyone just kept saying positive things about my mom and dad, how inspiring they are.  It made me kind of feel, what do I need to change to be more like that?
heighten, increase; especially : to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness

intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of
New SPC warning words, Oct. 2014

It’s very similar to “more favorable (atmospheric conditions) for hurricanes” = “more likely we’ll get a hurricane,”
“hurricanes are very exciting and good for business” mentality,
but “rain is bad and will absolutely ruin your weekend” confusion, endlessly repeated.

Capital Weather Gang/Washington Post is reiterating exactly what I’ve felt for years about it’s like a zealous-for-popularity high school journalism team without an advisor. I like the people at The Weather Channel, but many lack objectivity; sometimes they sound like a cult of ‘mother nature worship.’
(Nick Walker, Bryan Norcross, Rick Knabb, who all come to AMS, are exceptions.)

“Now more than EVER, is out of control,”

“The Weather Channel openly admits it lures readers to spend time on with splashy headlines on topics that have nothing to do with weather.
Examples from today: “Fairy Tale Home Frozen in Time for ‘Titanic’ Victims” and “What Makes These 59 Foods BAD?”
Related: Apparently, no one wants to read about the weather at
The approach of running so-called “weather adjacent” stories to entertain site visitors, particularly when the weather is quiet, is an understandable strategy (see this excellent piece in Business Week for more: The Weather Channel’s Secret: Less Weather, More Clickbait)

But’s recent tendency to overhype and misrepresent the actual weather – its bread and butter – is extremely disappointing and counterproductive. The hard-working, talented meteorologists who are the face of the network deserve better. And, most importantly, so do its readers.”

Any exfiltrators out there?

Geography 7 AFRICA Map Locations, Study Questions 2014 Dr. Renfrew

Fall 2014 Geog 1 Hydrosphere Questions (for Test 3)

We have received a record number of cards and condolences, and hosted a memorial gathering at my dad’s home rather than the church. People kept pouring in, and everyone said similar things about my mom, that she always, always made them feel good, and was so sweet to everyone.
Mom watching goats, burro April 2014, G.L.

(Click to enlarge.)

LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUN

Regional air flow:,34.32,891

Actual local flow based on ground measurements (zoom to region of the satellite image, L.A./Southern California around it):
Click on ‘Weather Stations’ if they’re not showing, as they have temperature and wind direction arrows.
The Weathermen's Brains, Dr. M P Renfrew's cartoon
L.A.'s High pressure winds are onshore at the shore, not "offshore"

Geog 15 Physical Geography LAB Oct. 14 & 21 Instructions for Take-Home Midterm Exam, GPS & GIS

10/20/14 Hi, the post, “Weather Diagrams for Beginners,” has several topics that will be on Test 2: these should already be in your class notes and handouts, but I recommend looking through them and making sure you know it:

Dr. Renfrew's Announcemt. to Geog 1, 15 Students 10-14-14

Hi, You already have these handouts, but I added in the Earth 2nd Edition Page Numbers.
Geog 1 Atmos. Study Guide, Earth 2E Page Nos.Geog 1 Atmos. Study Guide 'Blue Sheet' Questions, Vocabulary

Note: I did not find out about my mom passing till late Sunday night, but I’m sure she is happy I was having fun and want to share the photos.Melanie R ziplining Forest Falls 10-11-14
It was free/included as part of our church retreat at Forest Home in Forest Falls.
It was really fun, 2 runs.
The only scary part was a fraction of a second before you arrive at the platform: there are ‘brakes,’ but it is very fast and you are not in control.
(‘Get it?’)

A lot of people were scared to start, just walk off the platform, but that part was easy for me.
(‘Get it?’)
Melanie ziplining Forest Falls 10-11-14
Going off the platform ziplining

Vineyard retreat games, 10-11-14Forest Falls, CA bridge, MP Renfrew 10-11-14
Shannon, Mary ziplining
pool Forest Home
Paper airplane distance  contest, Vineyard retreat, 10-11-14
San Bernardino Mtns. 10-12-14 Dr. MP Renfrew photo

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