Drivers shouldn’t be texting or using cell phones on the road, but they may have passengers who are sending in up-to-date info on our freeways. The southbound 405 in O.C. is red right now on, so I was wondering if it’s still under construction (near the 22). I decided to try to look it up another way, and has a map of current reporting on accidents, stand-still traffic, etc. from the cars on the road.

Photo not availableGPS is part of our world; and I know the values of it. I’ve just had so many people get lost trying to get directions on cell phones, suggested path routes often are way out of the way, and if I hear the abrasive mechanical lady’s voice on a car GPS, I want to smash it with a rock in distress. If you have a lady in the car with you, turn the sound off, or ask her for directions: she may watch the sky and instinctually know.

to go together with him and sue the landlady/homeowner of my next-door disruptive tenants to oust them; but she may move in after that, and I’d like to be friends and peaceful in the future. I’ve had to call the sheriffs 14 times now on their loud music or vandalism, at all hours; and lost countless hours of sleep and good feelings about my home, but I personally cannot let that happen. The sheriffs and neighborhood association are totally on the side of peace (our side); and they’ve encouraged me repeatedly to “Keep calling” whenever there’s a disturbance. Also, they are recommending security cameras, and my neighbor wants to install them to record any possible drug exchanges in the night.

I had to explain that I hate going to court and do not want my name and address in the public record, as I’ve already been libeled and slandered plenty: according to mistakes written, I was fantasized to be a ‘stalker,’ had ‘brain surgery,’ was ‘convicted,’ and students who do not learn content say terrible things about me. Suing also may convey the lie that I’d want the landlady’s money; which is why I suspect the NBC people were so psychopathically paranoid in the first place.

In “Offshore Winds, The Musical,” with all due respect, I’ll direct dancers on the court tables: it’s L.A.
OJ simpson, prisonerOJ Sumson 2

kefirI don’t usually write about intestinal things. I’m also not New Age-y and drop phrases like prebiotic-this, probiotic-that. However, plain kefir (“feel good”) just takes good, with dimensions that are hard to explain: the people who drink it in the Caucasus Mountains live to their 100′s.

The reason it’s symbolic is unlike yogurt with one bacteria strain, kefir has a bunch of different ones that all help us digest our food. We are all bombarded with information-junk in today’s society, on overload with unfinished thoughts, enigmas and dangling synapses. I heard a British analysis of American TV programs as “multi-threading 3 stories;” but after a Royal Pains episode, I felt stressed and it was because there were 7-8 subplots which were not finished at the end of the show. (It was “vex overload” instead of curiosity-stoking, because you grow to love the characters and their synergy with each other.)

As I said, I don’t watch news (or even weather sometimes), as it’s too stressful to hear them talk about such awful things with awful language.

We need a type of kefir for our brains, to digest and assimilate input.

President Obama will be coming to L.A. Trade Tech College Thursday: I received an invitation to go see him and would love to, but would have to drive there today to pick up the dubiously-still-available ticket, then go early Thursday and stand for 2-3 hours because there are “no chairs.”

Now there is a “celebrity.” Or like, Cher. Someone gave my friend front row tickets to see Cher, and said she’s a ‘first class act.’

I really love President Obama, Michelle and their kids. I don’t follow political news closely because it’s too depressing, and I’m sure I don’t agree with everything he does; but I honor, respect and appreciate how they are serving our country. REAL celebrities do not mock teachers and “JC’s” as local weathermen do.

Governor Schwarzenegger and L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa came to my school, L.A. Harbor College (the best in L.A. Community College District for quality of faculty :-)), to commend our programs; and I did get to see them. We have chairs.

The mayor saw me in the hallway and greeted me, friendly.

After registering and completing juror orientation online, I went early this morning to see if they’d let me complete jury duty early before August: they would not. (Orange County and San Diego Courts will, but not L.A. Superior Court.)
Green is universal

It’s like Burbank. I wanted to see if I could communicate with a major media conglomerate, “Green is Universal.”

I could not.

Pearson Prentice Hall Global Wind Belts

These ladies are more gifted, dynamic and vivacious than I am. “Sunday lunch.”
Sunday lunch Pitfire, 7-20-14

(The guy at this end wanted the photo.) (See West wind predictions,which are stronger than night-time East land breezes during High pressure.)

'Offshore flow' is really IN THE SIERRAS, L.A. Examiner 12-19-09

I’m not sure why local weathermen do not consider L.A.’s physical, factual “SHORE,” coastline, when over-generalizing wind directions on sunny days.  Maybe a “shore” is a distant dream, a fantasy of a beach and ocean, when you live and work inside.

Oxnard National Weather Service office

I collected rocks in P.V. and San Gabriels and finished re-landscaping my front.

LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUNL.A. Basin has 4 hilly/mountainous areas around us – Santa Monicas, San Gabriels, Santa Anas (Saddleback, above O.C.), and Palos Verdes Peninsula, not as high but full of broken shale (cemented clay). I’ve been thinking a lot about decorative rocks this summer, as I added ‘many’ to both my dad’s and my front gardens, re-landscaping to a desert-y look to reduce water use. My gardener brought a pick axe Sunday afternoon and we took out more of the ‘bad grass,’ lay plastic and 15 more bags of bark mulch. I’d transplanted 11 multiplied aloe + 4 new aloe, so there’s a design to it, but it needs more rocks to be beautiful.
I also have about 20 smaller succulents that I’m going to move from smaller to bigger pots, and there’s a nearby thrift store that has a lot of weedy succulents that I’m going to go bargain for, as they look so neglected. Some don’t like bright sun; some stay dormant without it.

Uplifted Sespe Folds, Goat ButtesMy favorite rock formation in the Santa Monica Mountains is the Sespe, visible at Old Topanga and Red Rock, top of Corral Canyon Road, near Pepperdine, and exposed along PCH where the pinkish rock folds are near vertical. I want some of these broken pink rocks for my yard, but not to ‘steal’ them from a natural protected park or reserve.
schistIt’s the same with San Gabriels granite and sparkly schist: I have one of the latter in my backyard, but was afraid to put it in front lest someone be too tempted to steal all the beautiful, natural ‘bling.’

I’ve been reading about King Solomon (1 Kings 2-11), how he built and decorated the temple and his palace with precious metals, in “splendor.”
My house is more wood-and-lace, quilts and North-Woods cabin than gems. Anything valuable, I’d worry about being stolen, even though I have a house alarm system.

When I prayed for free rocks at the beginning of the summer, I did not expect some to be thrown at my roof by drunk-mischief neighbors; and it shook me up. I am not sure why I have such chinks in my armor that I still feel sort of hurt by it: I forgave them, but their presence and ongoing untrustworthiness make me apprehensive. (Yesterday there was another bottle top on my back grass, but I didn’t hear another rocket or explosion.) IsraelIn “Steal the Sky” (based on a true story), the Iraqi pilot tricked into coming to Israel, on seeing their map with the missile-carrying jets focused on Israel’s eastern border, says to the military generals, “This is how you see it, but this is how we see it,” turning the jets to face East, as their perception was they would be bombed.

That’s how I felt Sunday night after 1 a.m. when they were deliberately lighting things along the fence to land on my side. I was worried my trees would catch on fire.

As I said, the ‘force field’ kept explosions on their side; but the whole thing seems completely ironic that I would be decorating with more (larger) rocks. Beauty is inspiring, and re-creation of natural beauty in a ‘raw’ way, produces aesthetic pleasure. As I said, several neighbors walking by in cool evenings have commented that they like what I’m doing, as garden beauty is nonverbal, evocative.

I have to trust God. I haven’t figured out how to love people without being vulnerable.
Red Rock Canyon off Old Topanga Road
Red Rock field trip, 2-20-12 LAHC Geography Lab, Dr Renfrew

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