Fall 2014 Geog 1 Hydrosphere Questions (for Test 3)

The sweetest lady on the planet, she went home to be with the Lord.Mom watching goats, burro April 2014, G.L.
Yellow willows  San Bern Mtns. 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photoCathedral poplar 1 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo
Yellow poplar 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo
Yellow Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo
Yellow  Big Bear 2 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo
Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo 1
Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo 2
Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo 4
Big Bear 10-12-14 MP Renfrew photo 3

Wind in PV-GalesMeteorologist Donald M. Gales’ diagrams of temperature inversion levels over Palos Verdes Peninsula may help some understand why winds reverse at different elevations over Los Angeles. During sunny High pressure, our West ground winds are opposite of the East-to-West cirrus disappearance in the satellites, caused by sublimation/evaporation from dry, sinking air aloft and adiabatic heating.
D.M. Gales, Handbook of Wildflowers, Weeds, Wildlife, and Weather of the South Bay and Palos Verdes Peninsula., 3E. 1988. Palos Verdes Peninsula: FoldaRoll Co.

Planes avoid these levels because they’re gusty if desert and ocean air are meeting each other, and turbulent if temperatures reverse. (Also, they avoid skyscrapers.)
As in this picture, at the ground level in L.A.’s coastal plain on High pressure days, it is still, calm, not windy when we wake up, or very, very light winds, variable in direction, wispy.

Gales’ Chart shows average daily West windspeeds.

Excerpt from What It Took To Convince NBC The Winds Are Coming From The West.
The Weathermen's Brains, Dr. M P Renfrew's cartoon

We have received a record number of cards and condolences, and hosted a memorial gathering at my dad’s home rather than the church. People kept pouring in, and everyone said similar things about my mom, that she always, always made them feel good, and was so sweet to everyone.

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LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUN

Regional air flow:

Actual local flow based on ground measurements (zoom to region of the satellite image, L.A./Southern California around it): http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/
Click on ‘Weather Stations’ if they’re not showing, as they have temperature and wind direction arrows.


Geog 15 Physical Geography LAB Oct. 14 & 21 Instructions for Take-Home Midterm Exam, GPS & GIS

10/20/14 Hi, the post, “Weather Diagrams for Beginners,” has several topics that will be on Test 2: these should already be in your class notes and handouts, but I recommend looking through them and making sure you know it: http://drmrenfrew.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/weather-diagrams-for-beginners/

Dr. Renfrew's Announcemt. to Geog 1, 15 Students 10-14-14

Hi, You already have these handouts, but I added in the Earth 2nd Edition Page Numbers.
Geog 1 Atmos. Study Guide, Earth 2E Page Nos.Geog 1 Atmos. Study Guide 'Blue Sheet' Questions, Vocabulary

Note: I did not find out about my mom passing till late Sunday night, but I’m sure she is happy I was having fun and want to share the photos.Melanie R ziplining Forest Falls 10-11-14
It was free/included as part of our church retreat at Forest Home in Forest Falls.
It was really fun, 2 runs.
The only scary part was a fraction of a second before you arrive at the platform: there are ‘brakes,’ but it is very fast and you are not in control.
(‘Get it?’)

A lot of people were scared to start, just walk off the platform, but that part was easy for me.
(‘Get it?’)
Melanie ziplining Forest Falls 10-11-14
Going off the platform ziplining

Vineyard retreat games, 10-11-14Forest Falls, CA bridge, MP Renfrew 10-11-14
Shannon, Mary ziplining
pool Forest Home
Paper airplane distance  contest, Vineyard retreat, 10-11-14
San Bernardino Mtns. 10-12-14 Dr. MP Renfrew photo

Dad, Pandora & Mom.tif
as she inherited the overflowing extroversion and generosity from both parents, even more than me!

LA-basin-labeled-12 Dr Wm Bowen CSUNCurrent 7-day records– National Weather Service:
LAX Airport is in the center of L.A. Basin’s “SHORE”: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KLAX&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m
Torrance: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KTOA&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m
Long Beach Airport: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KLGB&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m
Santa Ana/Orange County John Wayne Airport: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=sgx&sid=KSNA&num=72&raw=0

John Wayne creed on location in Mexico

041027-N-9500T-001They’re referred to in the Bible as “signs.”
So are earthquakes, famines, disease, and war, especially in the “Middle East” (SW Asia).

Get ready: we all face God, who sees all with His blinding light, at all times.
It’s better to live this way now than have chronic anxiety about the future.

jesus nail hole, Bible series History Channel

It’s the ‘return to onshore flow.’

Weather Conditions for:
Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport, CA (KLAX)

Elev: 125 ft; Latitude: 33.93806; Longitude: -118.38889

Time Temp. Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f)
09 Oct 9:53 am PDT 71 E 6
09 Oct 8:53 am PDT 69 E 6
09 Oct 7:53 am PDT 68 ESE 8
09 Oct 6:53 am PDT 66 NE 6
09 Oct 5:53 am PDT 67 ENE 6


Long Beach Airport: http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?wfo=lox&sid=KLGB&num=168&raw=0&dbn=m

It’s great.
Melanie, Betty, Connie, Kitty, Laurie
Melanie with Jeff and Marilyn, July 2013

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