Accuweather Thanksgiving forecastUgandan Stephen Kiprotich thankful for his gold medal in marathonAccuweather 2010,
Ugandan Stephen Kiprotich thankful for his gold medal in marathon, 2012

Thanksgiving basket, MP Renfrew, 11-14
fall-birch-collage-1, Dr. M. Renfrew 2007
fall decor, mp renfrew, 10-22-12

compass-3Your shadow points Northwest in the a.m.,
North at noon,
Northeast in the afternoon.

So Cal Bigfoot Sightings

the aliens are trying to communicate with us:
11-22-14 sky MP Renfrew 2

map of Joppa, Tarshish, NinevehThe Book of Jonah is very interesting, and shows that human and God’s actions are not pre-determined, fated or controlled in a robot way. God was concerned about how Nineveh in Assyria (now northern Iraq) was wicked and dyslexic, so called Jonah in Joppa to “preach against it.”

Instead, Jonah tried to sail for Tarshish. You know the story (or could read it here, Jonah, New International Version).

The Lord was pleased with Nineveh for repenting, and relented from His intended destruction because He was “concerned” about “120,000 people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well” (Jonah 4:11).

Jonah was mad.

I guess they thought the FBI & CIA taking out cereal killers isn’t very Thanksgiving-like.
White CollarAnnie's N.D.E. dream, Covert Affairs

Dr. Melanie P. Renfrew, Utah Jan. 2013Everyone likes romance, especially at the holidays, during cozy weather, hot ‘angst’ weather, in between, during seasonal changes, strong temperature gradients, in wind.

I was pondering what my hosts would like as presents tomorrow, and got to thinking about boyfriends past. Before everyone slept with everyone, it was easier to have boyfriends as a fun snuggly thing. I had many, & most are still friends!, but it’s harder these days, being a nice girl and all.

Probably my favorite boyfriend of all the years is a 3rd grade teacher & has a gay partner,
but at least I wasn’t his “last girlfriend before he came out,”
which carries a damaging stigma for a woman.

L.A.'s High pressure winds are onshore at the shore, not "offshore"could official weather people call West winds “East winds”/”offshore flow,”
be wrong for 2 generations (since 1950s/’60s satellites & TV);
and people don’t understand because West winds come from offshore during the day,
and around the world, winds are named from their source.

If people who understand are persistent in speaking up that “offshore” is not a correct term for “sea breezes,” they are ridiculed and silenced by “the guys” who “think they know better.”
B-S Disorder 1B-S Disorder 5

Weather Conditions for:
Santa Monica, Santa Monica Municipal Airport, CA (KSMO)
Elev: 174 ft; Latitude: 34.01583; Longitude: -118.45139

Time Temp. Relative Wind Wind
Humidity Direction Speed
(PST) (f) (%) (mph)
25 Nov 3:51 pm PST 71 27 SW 8
25 Nov 2:51 pm PST 74 12 WSW 7
25 Nov 1:51 pm PST 76 9 WSW 7
25 Nov 12:51 pm PST 79 7 WSW 7
25 Nov 11:51 am PST 78 6 VRBL 3
25 Nov 10:51 am PST 77 9 E 5
25 Nov 9:51 am PST 74 9 NE 6
25 Nov 8:51 am PST 71 11 NNE 6
25 Nov 7:51 am PST 65 14 NE 5

So Cal Offshore Winds Map, Dr. Melanie Renfrew's drawing

I am not usually a very competitive person when it comes to contests or games (except Boggle or air hockey, which I can win), as usually I just feel, “Let other people win; it will mean more to them.”
Our school is having a ‘Holiday Office Decorating Contest,’ with ‘no guidelines’ (that is, no restrictions on people’s creativity), so I asked if I could enter the Geography classroom, since I hold ‘office hours’ in SCC 109. (If students want a private discussion, we do go next door.) Several students come early to study or talk.

Plants make the most beautiful decorations, or pretend plants. When our new Science complex (SCC) opened up a year ago, I brought in about 40 plants, but couldn’t leave them there over breaks with overhead automatic heating and cooling, as they dry out too much, so gave them to the Child Development classroom.
SCC 109 Geography room window, LAHC Dr. Renfrew

This fall, with dry heat wave after dry heat wave, even the drive to school and carrying them in might put potted plants under stress, so I only brought in succulents.
Succulent dish gardens, mprenfrew, 4-2-13

Today and tomorrow, the official projected temperatures for Wilmington, CA, are 86º and 88º F, but that really means 90ºs as our hot-pocket heats up (leeward side of P.V. hill, near-sea-level adiabatic heating, ground absorption of concrete and re-radiation, 110 freeway heat generation). I’m not sure I want to tote around more plant arrangements inside a 100º-plus car.

Right now (8 a.m.) it’s 55º F, which is commonly, locally known by T-shirt-and-cotton-hoodie wearers as “FREEZING!”
3-2-14 plants in rain 4, MP Renfrew
Multiplying wandering Jew plants, a lot of stems broke off
5 multiplied wandering Jew plants, 3-8-14, MP Renfrew
3-2-14 plants in rain 7, MP Renfrew
3-2-14 plants in rain 3, MP Renfrew
New transplants, 12-15-12, MP Renfrew - 2
Desert dish gardens, MP Renfrew, 12-15-12garden-june-2009-001

It is 100% relief. Thanks to those of you who cared and were supportive. It was like having an evil presence abutting my backyard and driveway, and outside my kitchen and living room windows. They vandalized my property 9 times; I had to call the sheriff altogether about 27 times. I lost countless hours of sleep, and am not sure how many times I cried over it. It felt like Israel, with neighbors shooting rockets.

I wouldn’t even garden during that time.

After the Rodney King beating when L.A. was experiencing trouble as Ferguson is now, 2 friends came over in the afternoon even though a lot of things were closed. (I think there was a curfew after dark). The husband is African-American and was dressed up, and they were going to see his parents next. We were having a relaxed visit, and I asked if he always got dressed up to go see his parents. (Our church is casual.) He said if he got stopped by a policeman, it was better to be well-dressed, that there would be less trouble.

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