Brenda, Cori, MPR, Elizabeth, Renee, 10-31-14, Eaton waterall

The 'offshore event' 10-14, MP Renfrew.
Which way is the wind coming from?

Friday, 10/31 Eaton Canyon 9:30-12:30 Meet at Nature Center; (allow till 1 to finish studying nature center, garden and rock exhibits):

Note: Rain is supposed to come in overnight, not while we’re there. Wear layers as it may feel cool, or hot as we hike.

Sunday, 11/2 Eaton Canyon Waterfall Hike 8-10 a.m. Park on Crescent, not on Pinecrest (parking restricted); Cross bridge, walk around and down (not down a steep trail); meet under the bridge:
Ribbon of willows, alders Eaton Canyon stream at bridge, 3-14-14, MP Renfrew
Tuesday morning Geography 1 classes, 11/4, 9:45-10:30, 11:25-12:10: Royal Palms Beach, 1799 Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro: Park alongside street up above and walk down, or bring money to pay for parking machine below: meet at bottom of hill by the recumbent fold.

At the recumbent fold, Royal Palms

Wire, tel pole, plant textures, 10-3-14 MP Renfrew

The offshore event 2, 10-14, MP Renfrew

Knowing Nik W. will attempt 2 wire-walking feats on Sunday makes me so apprehensive, I want to cry; and I can’t articulate it. It’s not ‘fear’ as much as ‘pain;’ and maybe because he’s partly attempting these feats to overcome the death of relative(s) who fell to their death.

I believe in the resurrection, I do. I just feel for his family.
Wallendas, Joel Osteen praying before Grand Canyon traverseNik Wallenda's wire over AZ canyon, Discovery Channel

This is an interesting article:

I don’t think it’s a mystery why people (in their study) are having more heart difficulties during both hotter and colder weather: it is a sharp gradient (a quick change in air pressure, humidity &/or temperature) that makes cells swell in and out, and that limits oxygen intake and absorption in the nasal and sinus area. That’s what they should look at next. (The article says researchers aren’t sure, but I’ve talked with countless people this happens to.) I’m not an M.D., but know some things from experience.

If you feel extra-tired during weather changes, try spicy food and drinking extra water.

NWS Rain L.A. 10-31-14 graphic
Eaton Canyon WaterfallWater over a knickpoint, Eaton

Bring a stick for stream crossings.

Oscar colonizing suitcase 10-14
Buster colonizing quilt, 10-14
Cirrus in Austin, 10-14, MP Renfrew photo
clouds like a coastline, 10-14 mprenfrew
Orange sunset, E of Georgetown, TX 10-14
Purple sunset, E of Georgetown, TX 10-14
Dad, Mary at reception for Mom 10-25-14
Grant, Dave & Ruth Anderson,memorial for mom 10-25-14
Melanie & Gertie, 10-25-14

Do they want us to slow down?

Geography 7 AFRICA Map Locations, Study Questions 2014 Dr. Renfrew

Fall 2014 Geog 1 Hydrosphere Questions (for Test 3)

We have received a record number of cards and condolences, and hosted a memorial gathering at my dad’s home rather than the church. People kept pouring in, and everyone said similar things about my mom, that she always, always made them feel good, and was so sweet to everyone.
Mom watching goats, burro April 2014, G.L.

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