NWS San Diego inland thunderstorm graphic 9-16-14
NWS Tucson Odile  flood warnings 9-16-14
(Why can’t we have these National Weather Service Tucson & San Diego meteorologists in L.A.? Is it the D-PW in Oxnard? [Dyslexia-Producing Water])

Here’s the satellite loop:
Thanks to Mr. Goes + Mr. Noaa for taking and sharing these images!


Sept. 2014 Gardena sky, MP Renfrew

Just put water on your skin and scalp.

Forrestal Canyon 9-14-14 LAHC Geography Students, Dr. Renfrew

NWS Tucson graphic re Odile, 9-15-14
This is all very intelligent, factual, honest!

Buster thinks it's his bed

It was just blowing hot air.
Pray for rain, and for someone on TV to not say, “Rain is bad,” demonstrating a brain.

It’s hard to imagine.

Burbank mapWeather Conditions for:
Burbank, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, CA (KBUR)

Elev: 774 ft; Latitude: 34.19972; Longitude: -118.36472

Time Temp. Relative Humidity Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f) (%)
15 Sep 4:53 pm PDT 103 17 W 12 Gust 20
15 Sep 4:45 pm PDT 102 18 W 14 Gust 20
15 Sep 3:53 pm PDT 103 17 SSW 9
15 Sep 2:53 pm PDT 101 20 SSE 8
15 Sep 1:53 pm PDT 102 20 S 8
15 Sep 12:53 pm PDT 101 20 SSE 8
15 Sep 11:53 am PDT 99 18 SE 3
15 Sep 10:53 am PDT 96 23 VRBL 3
15 Sep 9:53 am PDT 91 29 CALM
15 Sep 8:53 am PDT 84 40 CALM
15 Sep 7:53 am PDT 80 44 WSW 3
15 Sep 6:53 am PDT 76 54 CALM


I graded papers all day in the family room (West side of house) so I wouldn’t hear as much of the background woofers at the intersection 2 blocks away. (I have good hearing.) It’s a constant steady beat.

Photo not availableThese heat-wave days, I try to get as much cool air inside at night as possible, and about 6 a.m., shut all the windows and doors to trap it in (then try to go back to sleep). It’s still been 75° F that early, but better than 90’s inside in afternoon.  (I have double layers of curtains, wear loose cotton, and get skin wet if I get too hot.)  I could drive into the A.C. office/classroom, but it takes an hour round trip in the heat, and students are always shouting to each other in the courtyard just outside because they are happy to be out of class.

So the house has been shut tight, but it’s been mostly peaceful as I’ve gone through stack after stack of exercises, + recording quizzes.  I won’t comment on how students are performing, but they’ll know.

So it’s 5:20 p.m. now, and I started to open windows, as my indoor thermometer says 85°.  I decided to check the internet, however, and outside temperature is still 87°, so I closed them for another couple of hours.

Yesterday on the way to the field trip  (which was 80’s), on the lee (East) side of Palos Verdes hill protected from the West wind, my car thermometer said 101°; and although not always trustworthy, I think it was right.

Lord, have mercy.


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