Summer of the Woofers, Subwoofers, Quadwoofers*

*for the Hearing Impaired, 2 for each ear

Tuesday, September 2

Clouds over Texas-AZ, 8-26-14, MP Renfrew
Royal Palms State Beach 8-27-14, MP Renfrew
South P.V. waves 8-27-14, MP Renfrew
Surfer off San Pedro, 8-27-14, MP Renfrew

Yet another 'OFFSHORE FLOW' day, MP Renfrew 7-21-14
Current 7-day records– National Weather Service:
L.A.Basin – Los Angeles City Center:

“Shore” locations – coastal strip:
Santa Monica:

The Beach cities generalize to LAX Airport in the center: (I use LAX records as representative of L.A. Basin/L.A. region’s “SHORE.”)

Long Beach:
Orange County (John Wayne) Airport – “Santa Ana”:

San Diego County Coastal Areas:

Ventura County Coast (Oxnard Airport):

Santa Monica Mountains/Malibu Hills:

“Inland Valleys”:
San Fernando ValleyNorthern – San Fernando (Camp 9):
SE SFV – Burbank Airport:
SW SFV – Chesebro:
San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena, Covina, etc.) – Santa Fe Dam:
San Bernardino and Riverside County Valleys -The Inland Empire (Riverside /March Air Force Base):

map of Joppa, Tarshish, NinevehThe Book of Jonah is very interesting, and shows that human and God’s actions are not pre-determined, fated or controlled in a robot way. God was concerned about how Nineveh in Assyria (now northern Iraq) was wicked and dyslexic, so called Jonah in Joppa to “preach against it.”

Instead, Jonah tried to sail for Tarshish. You know the story (or could read it here, Jonah, New International Version).

The Lord was pleased with Nineveh for repenting, and relented from His intended destruction because He was “concerned” about “120,000 people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and many cattle as well” (Jonah 4:11).

Jonah was mad.

Strait of Malacca, Singapore mapsouthernmost tip of continental Asia, Sentosa, Singapore, July 2013Singapore is the southernmost tip of continental Asia. Last summer I made it my first stop in going around the world (RTW) going Westward (“left” if North is at the top, Pacific-to-the-Atlantic; the previous time was to the ‘right,’ Atlantic-to-the-Pacific).

Jet-lagged and foggy-brained, still trying to process the 5-hour layover in Korea (where I’d never been), and interesting Thai and Singapore Airlines flights, I arrived at 5 a.m. for a 17-hour layover (‘free’ on my way to Sri Lanka). Arriving early and leaving on a later flight allows you time to go into a city and explore for the day, carrying only hand luggage, or stashing it in an airport locker.

I took connecting subways to Sentosa Island, where I met a Hungarian there for a swim. We talked all afternoon about global systems, people and our sons (he’d worked in Russia). It was pretty quiet, cloudy but still humid and about 80 F.
I saw a cool indoor plant wall (not as creative as mine), took a tropical rainforest hike, had afternoon tea English-style (fish and chips without fish), finished at Raffles Hotel, and though foggy, felt happy.

It was romantic.
Singapore blossoms, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Singapore airport, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Afternoon tea 1 Singapore, July 2, 2013
singapore-raffles-hotel, travel ngs
Palms & Travelers' palms 3, Raffles Singapore, July 2013 MPrenfrew
Georgei the Hungarian Fencing Coach, Sentosa, Singapore, July 2, 2013, MP Renfrew
Drilling ship, Singapore coast

I hate to use the word “should,” but they are paid a lot. I don’t even want to make fun of them; I just want them to understand it and wish ‘someone’ would help them who is not himself or herself dyslexic.

Study this Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena 7-Day Weather Records link (Burbank Airport, home of Jay Leno’s garage):
I saved the last 7 days of records, where winds in Burbank were mostly from the South, EXCEPT the 90’s-DRY-High pressure weather (when relative humidity is the lowest), which they call “offshore flow,” WHEN WINDS DOMINATED FROM THE WEST.:
NWS Burbank Weather Records Aug. 25-Sept. 1, 2014

Weather Conditions for:
Burbank, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, CA (KBUR)
Elev: 774 ft; Latitude: 34.19972; Longitude: -118.36472

Time Temp. Relative Humidity Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f) (%)
29 Aug 12:53 am PDT 75 31 ESE 3
28 Aug 11:53 pm PDT 77 26 ESE 6
28 Aug 10:53 pm PDT 80 24 ESE 5
28 Aug 9:53 pm PDT 83 17 WSW 3
28 Aug 8:53 pm PDT 85 12 W 3
28 Aug 7:53 pm PDT 88 9 WSW 7
28 Aug 6:53 pm PDT 92 10 WSW 7
28 Aug 5:53 pm PDT 95 13 W 15
28 Aug 4:53 pm PDT 97 15 WSW 16 Gust 21
28 Aug 3:53 pm PDT 99 13 WSW 12 Gust 20
28 Aug 2:53 pm PDT 95 22 S 8
28 Aug 1:53 pm PDT 95 21 S 9
28 Aug 12:53 pm PDT 94 23 VRBL 3
28 Aug 11:53 am PDT 92 20 S 5
28 Aug 10:53 am PDT 88 24 CALM
28 Aug 9:53 am PDT 83 29 CALM
28 Aug 8:53 am PDT 79 34 CALM
28 Aug 7:53 am PDT 74 40 CALM
28 Aug 6:53 am PDT 69 49 CALM
28 Aug 5:53 am PDT 70 42 CALM
28 Aug 4:53 am PDT 71 44 CALM



Hey Guys, how’s it going?

(or copy and paste it), and note how today’s afternoon West sea breezes for “ONSHORE FLOW” are not as strong as those on days they call “OFFSHORE FLOW”:


Several times today I splashed water on my head, front and back to cool off.
When it’s cool, we’ll feel more energy to do ‘projects’ that we delay in the heat. When the first fall cold snap comes, watch your own chemistry: seasonal changes trigger hormones and different instincts as they do in animals and plants.
It’s science.

If Anthony Banderas’ feline understands air pressure & density at > Lifting Condensation Level (< Dew Point Temp., >CBH), Americans should be able to, too.

(They’re not here in L.A., and I’m not sure if they’d see the irony and confusion in their labeling if they were here.)

Weather Conditions for:
Los Angeles, Los Angeles International Airport, CA (KLAX)

Elev: 125 ft; Latitude: 33.93806; Longitude: -118.38889

Time Temp. Wind Direction Wind Speed (mph)
(PDT) (f)
01 Sep 8:53 am PDT 73 CALM
01 Sep 8:45 am PDT 72 SE 6
01 Sep 7:53 am PDT 71 SE 5
01 Sep 6:53 am PDT 71 VRBL 3
01 Sep 5:53 am PDT 71 E 6
01 Sep 4:53 am PDT 71 E 5
01 Sep 4:32 am PDT 70 E 5
01 Sep 4:21 am PDT 70 E 5
01 Sep 3:53 am PDT 70 E 5
01 Sep 3:04 am PDT 72 ESE 8
01 Sep 2:53 am PDT 71 E 6
01 Sep 1:53 am PDT 71 ESE 6
01 Sep 12:53 am PDT 71 E 12
01 Sep 12:31 am PDT 72 ESE 9
31 Aug 11:53 pm PDT 71 ESE 10
31 Aug 11:48 pm PDT 72 ESE 8
31 Aug 10:53 pm PDT 73 SSE 9
31 Aug 10:24 pm PDT 73 SSE 7
31 Aug 9:53 pm PDT 73 ESE 3
31 Aug 8:53 pm PDT 73 SSW 3

It used to be thought that the spatial part of our brains was (only) on the right side; but as MRI research has improved, they’ve discovered spatial functions and connections throughout the brain, between the different sections, and improve with age, as makes sense. I call it ‘wiring.’
My friend Philip Gersmehl from U. Minnesota has done a lot of research on it for geography education: you can look it up if you’re interested.

Geographers also study the ability of the visual brain to absorb map data, and MOST TV maps are never shown long enough for anyone to grasp what’s going on: the pace is whirlingly frenetic. (Caffeine?) I don’t even want to tell them because they’re so SENSITIVE, but it’s like ‘graphics on crack.’

Usually I am pretty ‘spatial,’ though not always coordinated. I can remember what a lot of places look like and where they are in a nonverbal way: I think some of it is innate and maybe most learned, the way people gifted in math, music, athletics, languages, mechanical skills, etc., may have special gifting, but the ‘knack for it’ lies latent unless they develop it and practice.

I have 3 degrees in geography, but have never felt inclined to learn to estimate distances on the land, for example. I just never needed to, but maybe I could or ‘should.’

When I was joking about walking into cabinet doors, I was not making it up. Steve Carell said he left cabinet doors open, too (which bugged his wife); and maybe it’s related to my feeling that things are never finished, somehow. Most of my home decorations are in an ongoing creation of being partly done; and I may leave them that way for years. It doesn’t bother me if things are ‘in process;’ I don’t need closure all the time.

Spatial coordination bodily, for me, depends on if I’m awake or not. Just now I was trying to hurry, and have been stressed out about the neighbors, still. I leaned over to smell the drain in a back sink too quickly (a sulfur smell develops in anoxic water), and knocked my forehead hard against the faucet. I’m developing quite a bump (I guess a ‘shiner’ only means a black eye); and it’s because stress blocked spatial clarity: I misjudged the distance.

I wish I could just be free and independent of the neighbors’ activity and not let them bug me, but each time I hear noises, I feel ‘on alert’ that they may be doing something bad to my property. (They keep putting more cigarette butts on flammable bark, pouring unknown stuff to try to gum my tires, and pound the bass for awhile.)

This morning, the neighbor across the street (who can see them) said there are 7-9 guys coming and going from that property, and told me,”Don’t be too Christian: they could kill you.”

It’s always something.

cablesWhen I exchanged the cable box, they gave me the last month free since I had so many troubles. I haven’t hooked up the new one yet: I try to learn some geek skills on my own, tromping awkwardness within.

I finally learned how to fold my windshield spring sun shades back into a circle: do both at once. Mass x weight hinders the pop-back-open factor.

If you read about ‘ministry of reconciliation’ (Google it, Bible Gateway NIV is good), then you’ll understand what drives me and all God’s kids: it’s about Him, for peace and forgiveness, the core part of our faith.

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