11-22-14 sky MP Renfrew 1
11-22-14 sky MP Renfrew 3
11-22-14 sky MP Renfrew 2

DSC019Buster Nov 2014 2Buster Nov 2014 1

Great video by Laura Berkeley:

This is happy Sammy dog’s first time ever in the snow:

Video by Doug Black

My brother’s dog Denali at Deadmen’s Pass in Oregon:
Denali at Deadman's Pass Rest Area
Denali at Vail Pass
Photos by Grant Patton

Scandinavian ChristmasThis is my favorite Christmas Fair, with homemade Scandinavian crafts. The mural of Jesus on the church wall looks like a Viking:

Julebasar/Christmas Fair: Nå er det Julebasar tid igjen. Årets høydepunkt !

Fredag 21 november kl:11:00-18:00
Lørdag 22 november kl:11:00-18:00
Søndag 23 november kl:12:00-16:00

Alle er velkommen!
Christmas lap

Beautiful. Downtown. 3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Angled streets.
Happy Dyslexics.
Circumscribed by hills.
Hazy sunshine.

A working person’s dream,
until someone finds out.

Burbank, CA postcard
Burbank's view of the ocean (brianbosworth.blogspot.com)
Burbank from the air, city-data

The Twister, tornado-shaped icicle, Bryce 1-31-13 RenfrewThis is great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8NfchMdgpM&app=desktop, Nov 21, 2014
“‘Let it Snow – A Buffalo ‘Frozen’ Parody‘ is dedicated to the strong and resilient people of Buffalo and Western New York. We are #OneBuffalo. Concept and additional lyrics by Karen Healy. Vocals by Michele Marie Roberts. Produced by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Paget Films.”

knotts-rollercoasterIf you have a fast pass (Space Mountain) or are waiting in line for a roller coaster, wait an extra moment or 2 to go in the front row. In this Silver Bullet ride at Knott’s,* the front right seat is where you get the most swing.
It’s the closest most of us will get to being an astronaut.

Tip: On rides where your feet dangle such as Silver Bullet, California Adventure’s Soaring, & Magic Mountain’s Batman, try evaporative cooling by leaving your shoes behind or in the basket. It’s a Perfect 10 Whiz in the toes.

*(Note: If you tend toward dyslexia, the front right is shown on the top left here.
“Not that left, the other left.”)

See http://www.dys-add.com/dyslexia.html#anchorSymptomsDirectionality

Giant lobster caught 11-21-14 off Santa Barbara coast
Giant lobster caught off Santa Barbara coast, http://www.keyt.com 11-21-14

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